Oh I Know There Going To Be Better Days … A Prayer For 2021

‘Oh I know there are going to be better days. ‘

A magic switch isn’t going to suddenly reset this chaotic world tonight at 12pm.

So no New Years Resolutions from me, just a fond farewell to a painful 2020 – the saddest year ever for myself and so many, BUT with a sign of silver lining appearing lately.

So instead of wishing you all the best for 2021.

All I do is pray for your health.
That you are loved completely.
That you appreciate all you have and give where you can.
That you get to spend more time with loved ones.
That this crazy pandemic ends and we return to some kind of normality.
That you learn to be gentle and patient and slow to anger.
I pray that you will be able to hug and kiss those you treasure before the end of 2021.

Have a wonderful NYE

Love Always JoJo


2 thoughts on “Oh I Know There Going To Be Better Days … A Prayer For 2021

  1. Hi JoJo.

    I loved reading your new years mail. 2020 has also been a sad and painful year for me.
    The lesson I learnt from it and your mail is to be patient, tolerant, and to love and share what we have in gratitude.
    Much love and God Bless you my dear.

    • Oh wow what a special message to receive.
      I am definitely still not recovered from our losses, but you in turn have now taught ME – patience and to share and love in Gratitude. God Bless always

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