The Dysmorphobic xyz Generation


Noun /

An obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in appearance.

The flaw may be minor or imagined. But the person may spend hours a day trying to fix it. The person may try many cosmetic procedures or exercise to excess.

Another one to perhaps blame on social media or the fact that you can photoshop, or in ’real life’ have any ’flaw’ fixed. ANY. You can now wake up no make up and look amazing, yawn & act like that’s just you… Naturally.

As this tiny one said at the beginning of 2020 – it’s my natural year. Little chuckle as this just means no more photoshop – I can’t afford any treatments and quite honestly am pretty scared of them!

Knowing my quirky blonde luck – I would land up with one eyebrow in my hairline and the other under my last eye. Yup lazy eye – a flaw – call 911 who can live with that. Well, me.

This post started with me looking at this pic and questioning every aspect of my face. I mean, I know I don’t fall under the average looking meridian but people said wow exquisite???

My reaction? Would I upload as is? Unfiltered, no facetune.. The horror! I see droopy eyes, a skew nose, pixie ears, imperfect skin and so much more just a tweak could fix.

But, I promised to embrace me this year. Flaws and all.

And you know what? I’m happier. No pressure. No hunts for likes. Just embracing this 37 year old growing OLD, naturally. And my confidence us growing in leaps and bounds. Shout out to the flaws we should embrace, clearly.

And just a shoutout to those who think a girl thinks she us an 11 out of 10. Unless you get to date J Lo most of us feel like a 7 on good days.

So when you see a girl with even one beautiful feature, tell her. You may give her a day feeling like an 8!

Ps. Picture posted naturally.

Love always and a day


Do You Ever Stop Missing A Part Of Your Heart, A Doggy Who Has Crossed The Rainbow Bridge. Leroy I Miss You Buddy

Leroy Brown – The Best Damn Dog In The Whole ‘World ever’ 29.09.2011 to 5.09.2019

Video tribute to come as Leroy was my moms first love and her his, this is just a really small tribute to the Bullmastiff who served His Dog’s Purpose with me. I am heartbroken, I cannot breathe, I am lost but I was loved

Leroy Brown – the best damn dog in the whole ‘world ever’

29.09.2011 to 5.09.2019

The magnificent sun set last night, just after you crossed the rainbow bridge my best buddy.

No more pain or suffering. You are running in fields healthy & happy.

The sun rose this morning, on the most magnificent day, a sign from you smiling down from up above.

You Leroy Browning our big, gentle, giant who became my best friend, confidant, protector & companion at my side always; served your Dogs Purpose.

You only loved & gave us beautiful memories to treasure.

We are broken hearted.

Boy Boy I can hardly breathe.

Tears do not stop falling.

Half of my heart has lost its biggest whole – you.

I love you always, forever a day and until we meet again.

Thank you for giving me your infinity, you made me so so happy….

I know time heals but for now,

I am lost without you

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45 Years Of Love Sweet Love – Happy Anniversary To My Folks

45 Years Of Love Sweet Love (Sound On)

My momma Denise Bayvel & pops Paul Bayvel.
I can’t believe we all nearly forgot, but then again I guess you guys make it easy to forget that you’ve made it 45 years.

a person or thing that one loves.

A cord of three strands not quickly broken.” “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

45 years (8 together before)
A long long time.An infinity ♾

Him, my daddy, the springbok rugby player & Her my momma a beauty queen & artist.
He saw her across the field & knew she was THE ONE.

He got his girl & she got her boy & 45yrs later they are still together.

Now, proud ‘owners’ of 3 daughters + 1 Son In Law + 2 grandkids, 7 dogs & waiting for more (not dogs.)

My folks & best friends, I can’t believe you both look as handsome dad, & as beautiful as ever, mom.

You just make loving easy even when it’s hard ❤️

Through the tough times (& there are those!) you prove you stay.
Through the amazing times you have given us extraordinary memories & a glimpse at what a forever love should be.

Wishing you the happiest 45th anniversary to the most amazing folks, yip I got the best of the best.

You’ve proved that love can conquer all, as no ride through life is easy and you’ve proved that even when you don’t like each other 👀 you can still love each other.

You have honestly set the most amazing example of what that once in a lifetime, soulmate finding, goosebump inducing love can do. Perhaps you’ve set the bar a bit high as we all strive for a compatibility like yours, rather than too settle for anything less in this wonderful thing we call life.

45 years and here is to at least another 20 odd more my precious parents.

Love you always, forever and a day, a little more then that & a whole lot of lot of infinities … Becky

Trying To Get A ’DogSelfie’ Can It Be Made Easy : )

Scroll down, this wasn’t easy 😛

Not a full post ❤️ just some fun that I’m sure all doglovers & dogselfie takers can identify with 😉

These pics don’t come easy!

MiaBoo my princess iggy hates a pic & the giantpup Dozer my bullmastiff thinks my phone is food..

Sooooo we use props from biscuits to bananas & countless other treats, to get some pics
honestblog tip 💁🏼‍♀️..

what are some tips & tricks for dogpics you can share… Please 😁