Oh I Know There Going To Be Better Days … A Prayer For 2021

‘Oh I know there are going to be better days. ‘

A magic switch isn’t going to suddenly reset this chaotic world tonight at 12pm.

So no New Years Resolutions from me, just a fond farewell to a painful 2020 – the saddest year ever for myself and so many, BUT with a sign of silver lining appearing lately.

So instead of wishing you all the best for 2021.

All I do is pray for your health.
That you are loved completely.
That you appreciate all you have and give where you can.
That you get to spend more time with loved ones.
That this crazy pandemic ends and we return to some kind of normality.
That you learn to be gentle and patient and slow to anger.
I pray that you will be able to hug and kiss those you treasure before the end of 2021.

Have a wonderful NYE

Love Always JoJo

Happy New Years Wishes From Me … To All Of YOU 

All my loved ones, 

My wish for you in 2016 … 

May this life becomes all that YOU want it to, 

May your dream stay big and don’t ever forget that YOU can achieve them, 

May your worries stay small as YOU leave behind every stress and sadness from the past, 

May YOU find someone who loves you unconditionally or enjoy the unconditional love of someone who already loves you, 

May you look forward to the future and all it has in store for YOU and learn to not look back at the past with sadness but rather as lessons learnt, 

May you learn to forgive so that bitterness does not consume you and ruin that beautiful soul that makes YOU so very special,

May YOU experience and accept the grace of God in everything you do and in every way He promises, 

May you learn that loss is not permanent and that people you have lost are looking down on YOU and smiling and loving you knowing you will be together again, 

May the future year be filled with every single thing you need and want but may YOU also learn to help and give to others so that their needs and wants are met, 


YOU remember that YOU are beautiful 

YOU are special 

YOU are loved beyond the number of stars in the sky 

YOU are talented and able 

YOU have an abundance of love to give and a heart that an abundance of love should be filled with in return 

YOU are blessed with a Heavenly Father who adores you always 

YOU can achieve anything 
Happy New Year …. 2016 be a special one