So Many Of Us Were Raises By African Mothers- At Times I Find A Story That Resonates – And Have Too Share It

Thank you firstly to Catherine Treki who penned this.

Thank you for the tears, the laughter, the memories and the joy.

I grew up like this but was lucky enough to have two moms – My African Momma and my own – yet Christina (my momma number two) was most definitely exactly this to me – A mom.

Not only were we blessed to have her, but her 4 daughters became our sisters.

Always remember that no one is born hating another … it is taught. And wouldn’t it rather be amazing to allow your kiddies two families instead of one?

So many of us were raised by African Mothers

Strong African women


Often not even our own.

Bread winners

We were carried on backs, tightly swaddled with a well worn towel

Soothed by sweet songs we maybe didn’t even understand the words to

Swayed to sleep

Given tasters of pap and sous and drums and dance

Taught to receive with hand to wrist

We were blessed with warm sunshine smiles and heartfelt hugs



We were raised with love

This is the difference…

In a country where so much fear and hatred and misunderstanding has been rife through difficult years

We are still rooted

To this soil

And the roots



to an African Mother….

I Was So Lucky

On nights when my heart is sore oh so sore, and the memories of you are so vivid – I thank God that I still have, and always will be able to hold onto those.

I so often lose my breath when I think of you, my first love, not being alive on earth – but Daddy I know you are so happy and in a much better place, looking down on us and guiding us, forever. Always my 911.

Pops, I was lucky 🍀 for 37 years to have you. Most don’t get that chance or a hero daddy like you.

My first love, though oh to dance with my father again.

Lie Down You Might Be Tired …. Lie Down It Might Be Your Miracle

“Our stories come from our lives and from the playwright’s pen, the mind of the actor, the roles we create, the artistry of life itself and the quest for peace.” – Maya Angelou

My favourite poet and an apt quote, Maya.
In this pandemic when the playwrights pen seems to write in permanent ink worse news everyday.

When there seems to be no light in the darkness and we all feel as though we are drowning just below the surface of the water; unable to make that final pull to achieve that breath we so desperately need.

In these times of fear, trepidation, anxiety, panic.
In this pandemic which has turned the world upside down and inside out.

We do all seek one thing, peace.
Peace for ourselves, our loved ones.
Peace for strangers losing family and friends daily.. minute by minute some by second.

It does feel as though we are actors on a stage. The play a horror story a nightmare that feels there will be no happy ending.

The only thing I can say during this time, if you have a loved one who is terribly ill.
Who won’t recover and be the same.

If you are praying for a miracle, for healing, for life, for God to just restore your love.

Remember that sometimes that miracle, that healing and restoration is leaving this earth to spend forever with God.
Healthy, happy and waiting for you to join them in eternity.

Jojo b musings

That’s What They’ll Say About Us…

I know I should write more about my career, the products I use etc etc… but, my blog is not about that.

Perhaps it is a release from the everyday mundane world of work and beauty and striving to be ones best.

I like to think of it as a place where people in all walks of life can relate. Life is sometimes amazing and sometimes downright dismal.

I am blessed to have what some may call the “happy gene” but I must say Covid and this past years experiences have put a slight damper on a number of days for me; and I know for so many.

So… getting to the point. I love sharing anything I come across which touches my heart and soul or perhaps just my taste.

This is me sharing music. A passion. A love story. Music is just that rare and beautiful medium that conjures up every memory, feeling, mood and experience we have gone through and are yet too.

It is also a beautiful piece and so apt for the times we live in right now. it’s the most beautiful cover of a Finneas song about a lady who loses her husband to Covid. It is sad and tragic but absolutely magical and a memory for her and all who have lost someone, to savor for all time.

Love Always


Losing A Good Good Daddy. The Grief Is Too Real.. Everyday

I still need to write your whole story… the story of a legend in every walk of life. Most of all the story of my Pops.My Daddy.My Protector.My First Love.

It will happen, I’m just a bit scared to start as I know the tears won’t stop. For now this is just a short excerpt of a day missing you so very much.

This is the price you pay for having a great father. You get the wonder, the joy, the tender moments – and you get the tears at the end, too.

Today you popped up on Facebook.

Pops I just wish so often you could pop up in this crazy world.
Will the grief ever end no matter how strong we try to be and how happy we know you are.

Will thinking I see you somewhere and realise I haven’t with a drop of my heart ever become a reality that you are gone forever.

Today was a day.

Tears poured.

Yet I always make myself remember YOU my dear daddy were and looking down from Heaven still are, a good good father.

I adore and miss you with an aching heart.

I love you with an infinity which we will spend together. Until then I crave you always.

Your Becky