Oh I Know There Going To Be Better Days … A Prayer For 2021

‘Oh I know there are going to be better days. ‘

A magic switch isn’t going to suddenly reset this chaotic world tonight at 12pm.

So no New Years Resolutions from me, just a fond farewell to a painful 2020 – the saddest year ever for myself and so many, BUT with a sign of silver lining appearing lately.

So instead of wishing you all the best for 2021.

All I do is pray for your health.
That you are loved completely.
That you appreciate all you have and give where you can.
That you get to spend more time with loved ones.
That this crazy pandemic ends and we return to some kind of normality.
That you learn to be gentle and patient and slow to anger.
I pray that you will be able to hug and kiss those you treasure before the end of 2021.

Have a wonderful NYE

Love Always JoJo

Cape Town Luxurious Holiday Rental On The Oceans Edge. 500meters from the beach

Luxury Holiday Rental or for Sale Unit 3 on The Oceans Edge at No 1 Chapman’s Peak. Paradise Awaits

Your holiday on the oceans edge! Rentals only 10 days or more!

Positioned atop the famous Chapman’s Peak road, is the last residential apartment block (newly updated); No 1 Chapman’s Peak Estate, a mere 500 meters from the beach. In this block your paradise awaits. Unit No 3 A large secure apartment completely your own– newly renovated. Fully furnished, bespoke & designer with frameless glass all around.

Unit 3 @ No 1 Chapmans Peak Drive was designed and renovated into a bespoke, sophisticated, modern apartment with a homely ambience. Stepping inside, you will immediately sense that the furnishings, finishes, lighting and artwork have been professionally selected. You will feel as if you are in a private luxurious cocoon, perched on top of some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches in the world. Watch the sunset and the view of the entire bay area, from the large open plan living and dining room or your main room via floor to ceiling concertina glass windows, take in the beauty of dolphins playing, yachts lying anchored and fishermen’s ferry’s returning from their day’s catch. A State of the art kitchen provides everything you need for your stay and opens up onto the lounge/dining room. The bedrooms are divine as both are large with comfortable beds. A large king size in the main room and double in the second room, fitted with stunning linen. Both en suite – what a pleasure! These en suite bathrooms include 2 large separate showers and a bath. You also have a guest bathroom. As you sit right on the Atlantic Ocean, feel the tantalizing smell and presence of the ocean, the touch of a sea breeze and the wonder of a star filled sky at night. Enjoy a morning coffee and breakfast, on the oceans edge to the the sound of waves crashing onto the white sand with the beach just a few steps away. The apartment houses views of the azure Atlantic Ocean as well as the entire bay that makes up HoutBay and further up the coast.

For more/to book contact JoJo 0824619996

Let’s Help The Most Adorable Kiddie Ever

Hunter Emms is just the most adorable little dude ever & him and his family need your help.
Financially yes but with Faith & prayers too!

Hunters story is below from his back a buddy – link https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/support-hunter-emms

Hunter Emms is a precious 5 year old with an Optical Nerve Glioma. It is inoperable and will need chemo and/or radiation treatment to counter it’s growth his whole life. It already affects his eyesight, balance and co ordination and despite being benign is life threatening if not treated. He was originally diagnosed at 18 months and undergone chemo for a season.

Most recently Hunter’s tumor has grown significantly despite the MEK inhibitors and he is facing another year of chemo and then radiation.

We are wanting to raise support for his family (Barry, Shirley and Finn) to cover the medical costs that their medical aid oncology benefit doesn’t cover as well as the specialists needed for his care (Physios, ophthalmologists, Chiropractors, a pediatric neurosurgeon, pain and nausea meds, therapists and dietary requirements.)

Please help us spread the word: Share This Post

Follow Hunters journey on Instagram @onedaywellbe


Wow you guys rock I can still win!

Today my mom/slave said that

If YOU vote for Me ONCE it equals 4 VOTES

I think she may be right even though her maths is really bad.

U can vote by clicking on this link https://fluffykids.co.za/entry/20070704

This link is also in my moms last blog so go to her website if you want 🥰 it’s in her instadog bio

happy friyay

licks of love


No Matter What You Do You Can’t Make Them All Like You – And That’s Okay

Have you ever been around someone that doesn’t like you, and you don’t know why?

Like you can just tell when you are around them that they treat you differently, or they are blatantly rude to you but no one else?

That’s always fun.

I‘ve spent my life trying to make sure I could mold into whatever personality I needed to in order to get everyone to like me.

Honestly? I’ve been quite successful.

I’m good at reading a person and turning into what they would like me to be.

But my gosh, this is a terrible and super confusing way to live.

Because eventually you get to a place where you wonder, who the heck am I?! Your personality has been so shifty and inconsistent that you don’t even know what’s genuinely you.

People who are able to be themselves 100% of the time (whether or not it rubs other people wrong) make me both very uncomfortable and envious.

How do you not care that they are looking at you like that??

Can’t you see their reaction??

Are you intentionally trying to stir up an argument?

And really what I’m thinking… How do you not care that they don’t like you?!

As I’ve gotten older I recognized that although I don’t think we should ever intentionally step on people‘s toes for fin and we should always take people‘s feelings into consideration…

Life is better when we can just be us and accept that not everyone is going to like us.

Because even though I’ve always changed myself for others, even still, some people didn’t like me.

Truly showing me that no matter what I do, I can’t ensure everyone will like me.

So, I might as well be me.

The real me, the one God made me to be.

I know there aren’t many worse feelings in the world than someone choosing not to like you.

But friend, that’s their choice.

That’s something they will have to carry around with them.

Wish them well, and move on.

You can’t get them all to like you, and that’s okay.

It’s not your job to.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog