Number 14 Gone Far To Soon, James A Legend For The Boks But Far More For All Of Us

Hey mister big guy, I know that Heaven has gained an angel & you must be entertaining everyone up there with all that charisma & wit; but it’s sad for those left behind. ‬gone forever a few days after I could have seen you more… lessons buddy you taught them.

‭You were indeed a legend on the field #14 but you went far beyond that. ‬

‭Your true legacy lies in being “The Sweetest Small Big Guy” with the softest heart, selfless, humble & a safe haven – you would protect anyone you cared for. ‬

‭You forgave quickly, you loved with everything you had, you lived each day to the full and laughed with that voice that made a girl melt, far to often. ‬

‭Rod Stewart, The Bee Gees, Bruce Springsteen … none of these songs sound the same now that you are gone.‬ And how could i forget the one thing neither of us had/have the thing that made us argue yet you put this stubborn one in her place with kind words and your favourite song “Patience” by Guns and Roses.

‭And you did teach me “it’s in the words sweetest little angel” “Everybody needs a human touch”…and I will listen again, for now. ‬‭My hearts aches & I will miss our chats & ur care for me. ‬Your bear hugs. Your Safety. I guess I need that patience now to heal from the loss of your heart.

‭But your family and best friends have lost a man they cherished like no other … my thoughts & prayers are with them now & always. ‬

‭Your babies adored their Papa.‬
‭May they be reminded of the amazing man on AND off the field, everyday.‬

Fly now sweet mister, be happy.‬
‭Until we meet again. ‬
‭Miss ya‬
‭‘Barbie Bayvel’‬

James Small JoJoBayvel


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