Tomorrow Debs Bayvel (My Sis) Continues Her Journey With A Major Op: “AGAINST ALL ODDS” Last Chapter…. After 32 yrs of Being A Fighter & Survivor!

Tomorrow Debs journey continues.

Our Legend. Hero. 7 time terminal Cancer Beater. Survivor. Faith Driven, God Loving, Angel on Earth.

Against all Odds we pray this is the last chapter as she has 3 rather huge reconstructive operations coming up.
Major op number 71ish tomorrow.
+- 6 hours of surgery.

We know that she will be surrounded by Angels, yet we are all a little nervous – except Debs.

This is a great op for her as she will finally be able to have bone covering a massive area of her brain. No more prosthesis!!

As a family we will be quiet, but please keep Debs in your prayers & thoughts; not just for this operation but that the skin graft takes & another miracle occurs in this angels life.

This is the final chapter & I cannot wait to write her book.

The ying to my yang, my twin, my heart I love you sis. 

Number 14 Gone Far To Soon, James A Legend For The Boks But Far More For All Of Us

Hey mister big guy, I know that Heaven has gained an angel & you must be entertaining everyone up there with all that charisma & wit; but it’s sad for those left behind. ‬gone forever a few days after I could have seen you more… lessons buddy you taught them.

‭You were indeed a legend on the field #14 but you went far beyond that. ‬

‭Your true legacy lies in being “The Sweetest Small Big Guy” with the softest heart, selfless, humble & a safe haven – you would protect anyone you cared for. ‬

‭You forgave quickly, you loved with everything you had, you lived each day to the full and laughed with that voice that made a girl melt, far to often. ‬

‭Rod Stewart, The Bee Gees, Bruce Springsteen … none of these songs sound the same now that you are gone.‬ And how could i forget the one thing neither of us had/have the thing that made us argue yet you put this stubborn one in her place with kind words and your favourite song “Patience” by Guns and Roses.

‭And you did teach me “it’s in the words sweetest little angel” “Everybody needs a human touch”…and I will listen again, for now. ‬‭My hearts aches & I will miss our chats & ur care for me. ‬Your bear hugs. Your Safety. I guess I need that patience now to heal from the loss of your heart.

‭But your family and best friends have lost a man they cherished like no other … my thoughts & prayers are with them now & always. ‬

‭Your babies adored their Papa.‬
‭May they be reminded of the amazing man on AND off the field, everyday.‬

Fly now sweet mister, be happy.‬
‭Until we meet again. ‬
‭Miss ya‬
‭‘Barbie Bayvel’‬

James Small JoJoBayvel

Raw, Real & OH So Inspirational ‘A Note from Maya: Life, death & the dentist’ by Maya Amoils – Aren’t I Lucky Enough To Call Maya My Cousin & BFF. My Cancer Fighting Bumble Bee

To preface this piece written by my cousin is near impossible. But, here goes.

Maya in her typical ‘pose’

What I can say is this. I have always been so incredibly proud of you my ‘little cousin’ Maya. To find out at 28, you would be; and are fighting against the dreaded ‘C’ was|is devastating. I am amazed at how inspirational your post is, how much courage and strength you possess and how absolutely beautiful you remain.

Maya & Mishie | Maya & Honey

Sharing these words is a privilege. For those going through any battle – let it light and guide your way, and I hope you look forward to your next visit to the Dentist!

You may be thinking wow, your sister, aunt and now cousin? No it’s not genetic; it’s a ‘bad luck’ of the draw & it sucks. You should know we actually have pretty damn awesome genes thanks to dip (carol ann), dorry (dee) & ducky (sands) I mean HELLO, our amazing Nana survived for a couple of years in complete heart failure and with a triple G cup which by 84 meant her b**bs reached her knees, which could kill anyone! We are all fighters !

Me, the three sisters, momma and aunties & My

My, My My, just don’t you ever forget we ARE in your corner, we have done it with debs, aunty dip and we will do it with you!

Here are a few tidbits about our My My you may not know.

When younger we were all enthralled by our littlest cousins antics – her bronx accent? Whilst born and raised in Cincinnati? Giving herself timeouts (yip herself), her refusal to wear socks if they weren’t inside out, her not so soft renditions of all the songs from the Lion King, her mushroom hairstyle and refusal to change it, her dress sense *cringe* and then her ability to melt anyone’s heart with a little smile and those dimples.

Mishie & Ultra Cool My My

At that tender age her stubbornness and tenacity shone through (even getting my tough rugga bugga dad dressed up as a ‘pretty ‘pretty princess’).

My My, Dad & Mishie

Who knew that so many years later these traits would become crucial in her world and to her existence.

As Maya grew up and the age gap between us shrank figuratively ,us girls Mishie her sister (another beauty and rocket scientist I adore) become far closer than cousins. We truly are the best of friends and heart sisters. Soulmates who share the same stars in the night sky – even living 10 000 miles apart.

Soul Sisters | Cousins | BFFS

In fact Maya and I are incredibly similar…. in personality, humour and perhaps a few (or more *big eyes* quirks here and there oh and our stubbornness.


That’s where it ends, unfortunately for me 🙂 She is the beauty, brains and ….. b**bs.

I stand in awe of a cousin who grew up to be absolutely magnificent, incredibly capable, successful beyond.

Someone who literally walked and worked with the ‘stars’ whilst to me, outshining them in every way.

My My thinking of you today and always my mind drifts back to memories of you belting out and of course making us all sing “Hakuna Matata” – “Means No Worries For The Rest Of Your Life” and “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” – my cousin let it be so, and not just tonight but every night until I see you later this year, I hope you feel the HUGE amount of love I have in my heart for you.

Now for that post | note | most inspirational entry

A Note from Maya: Life, death & the dentist

Journal entry by Team Maya — May 22, 2019A few days after I got my diagnosis in November, I went to the dentist. A few days following that news meant that the world was raw and triggering. Every minute felt terrifying. So when my hygienist asked, “Have you had any recent changes to your health?” the poor woman really had no idea what she was unleashing.

I spent the hour fighting through tears and silence and awkwardness. When I checked out, the receptionist asked if I would like to schedule my next appointment, six months from now. I froze. I didn’t know much about my diagnosis,  but I knew enough from the glimpses of terror in my mom’s voice to know that things did not look good. That there might not be a six months from now.

Today, I got a reminder that my dentist appointment is on 05/28, six days from now. 05/28 also happens to be the birthday of one of my very best childhood friends who passed away in a tragic hiking accident. I made 05/28 the password on my phone as a daily reminder to myself to live my days as fully as she did. I couldn’t help but marvel at that coincidence and reflect on how much has permanently changed. So much can happen in an instant, yet the world keeps turning and everything’s the same. It still rains on days you want it to be sunny and is sunny on days you want it to rain. There is still life, death, taxes, and the dentist.

I haven’t written much about this whole experience, but lately I started to write a letter to myself, to the Maya who stood in line at reception wondering if she should make her next appointment, from the Maya now.

In it, I talk a lot about odds. The odds of getting into Stanford. The odds of getting a job at Google. The odds of getting stage 4 ovarian cancer as a perfectly healthy 28-year-old. With 0/20,000 cancer genes. With parents, an uncle, and a sister, as doctors.  

What I conclude from these head-scratching odds is this: life is going to be short for everyone, no matter how long it is. And while we walk the planet, the only thing any of us has is our ability to extract meaning from experience.

What I have taken away from this experience is:

1. That life is a sport, best played as a team. And my team fucking rules. My parents are the most phenomenal souls I know. My sister is my hero. My friends and family are who you want by your side in a boxing match, in an ER, or in bed on a lazy Friday after chemo. Soulmates come in all shapes and forms if we let them. They can even come as dogs.

2. That you should write down 3 things you are grateful for each day. Especially on the days you feel like you have nothing to be grateful for. The last entry I wrote in the gratitude journal that sits by my desk reads, “getting to start chemo tomorrow.” Tonight, I will write “getting to finish chemo tomorrow.”

3. That you should be kind to strangers and generous to the world. You can learn a lot from your neighbors. Even if they are 82, they can become your friends.  

4. That in the face of the unknown, the only way through is one breath and one day at a time. One song at a time can work, too (thank you Rachel Platten, thank you Lupe, thank you GRiZ.)

5. That with all my unexplainable odds, I am no more, or less, special than anyone else.

Throughout this journey, I have held mantras sacred. My dad shared one a while ago that I use often — relax, trust, go downstream. He also taught me a very important one, “I am not attached to the outcome. No matter what happens, I will handle it.

I do not know the outcome of tomorrow. Or the next six months. I pray it is the end of treatment for me. But it may not be. What I do know is that I will go to the dentist next week. And I have never been more excited for a dentist appointment. That horribly mundane, dreaded experience has now become a chance to celebrate that I’m here and a chance to remember everyone I love.  

I end my letter to Maya-At-The Dentist saying this:

Your experience has been an extraordinary one. Let it undo you. Let it break you and make you whole again. Walk away from it bigger, brighter and filled with what you need to live like your soul is on fire.   

That is how you live a vibrant life in the face of death, darling. You stare it down and blind it with compassion and laughter and love and human connection. You defeat it with the conviction to make it better.

I would not be here, able to have any conviction, without you — my team in the arena, on the bench, and in the stands far away. For the unwavering messages of love and support, for “being there” in every sense of the term — thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. I cannot say it enough.

I hope someday I can find a way to repay the amount of generosity I’ve received back into the world but, in the meantime, I hope you can find a way to look forward to your next trip to the dentist.

With love and appreciation, 

Follow Maya’s journey here

The Stars Alligned & God Blessed my Amazing Parents 42 Yrs Ago Today! 

My momsy & pops … I can’t believe I nearly forgot but then again I guess you make it easy to forget that you’ve made it 42 years … the springbok rugby player & the beauty queen artist … 6 years of dating before marriage + 3 daughters + 1 Son In Law + 2 grandkids & 9 dogs and you both look as handsome and beautiful as ever. You just make loving easy ❤️. 
Wishing you the happiest 42nd anniversary my most amazing folks, yip I got the best of the best, you’ve proved that love can conquer all, as no ride through life is easy. And you’ve proved that even when you don’t like each other 👀 you can still love each other. 

You have honestly set the most amazing example of what that once in a lifetime, soulmate finding, goosebump inducing… love can do. 

Perhaps you’ve set the bar a bit high as I find myself still single 😛 but I would rather have a love and compatibility like yours, then settle for anything less, in this wonderful thing we call life. 

42 years and here 🥂🥂 is to at least another 20 odd more my precious mom & dad.  

Love you always, forever and a little more then a lot of infinities … Becky

realbydlb – My Sisters Range Of Must Have Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry With Online Deals

4 years ago my incredibly talented sister started her own range of handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry.

long logo high res

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I wanted to share a few of these 925 silver pieces on my blog, simply, because, they are beautiful and the only jewelry I wear. (ps I am fussy with jewellery and won’t even walk into the gaudy and kitsch jewellery stores situated in most exclusive malls).
After doing a course in jewellery design and opening a studio/workshop in our garage… much to my chagrin due to the fact that I now have to park outside – of the double garage, Debs started making beautiful pieces, from silver bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings for women and even mens rings and her range has gone from strength to strength! Attracting popular sites selling jewellery online, wanting to list her sterling silver jewellery to niche jewellery stores wanting to stock her pieces.

Here are a few deals running currently on silver jewelry pieces I love – even silver jewelry wholesale prices are 4 times more!

Sterling Silver Realbydlb Statement Bracelet

Sterling Silver Jewelry

There is always that one piece in a jewellery collection that stands out as a “must have” item for girls and ladies! Introducing the realbydlb statement bracelet. Beautiful, Classic, Perfect for everyday wear and its personalised so you make a statement to the ones you love by having their names, important dates or nicknames etched on your keepsake forever!

These are ideal as bridesmaid gifts for wedding jewellery or as a “spoil yourself gift”. These beautiful bracelets come with one disc and you can then select a shape/charm (stars, lovebirds) of your choice to create your real statement bracelet, fill of gorgeous and special sterling silver charms like the heart in the pic below.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

LISTED now at 25 PERCENT OFF on these bracelets are selling for R 480 !!!! It’s really simple to look classy when you can visit websites selling online jewelry and buy signature pieces!

Click here to purchase

Tiffany Jewellery Style Sterling Silver Jewellery Sideways Cross Necklace

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This handmade sterling silver sideways necklace is the ultimate in chic, trendy and fashionable yet timeless accessories! It can be made as a bracelet… although I wear my necklace everyday with whatever outfit I choose….. from jeans and a vest to corporate suits… to my fabulous winter flannel jammies!
On Sale Now At R 350 save R 30 on orders placed before the end of June. Email debs to order here

Sterling Silver Promise Rings

Instead of owning a huge collection of costume jewellery, that is sold to every Tom, Dick and … Sally and has no sentimental value or wearing cheap rings that break, chip and last a month or two, rather say something special to; or about a loved one with this selection of stamped personalised silver rings made as promise rings not only to a partner but anyone or thing in your life!

My Russian silver wedding bands say “Against all Odds” and I, my sisters, mom and aunts wear them to signify debs battle and victory over Cancer.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

My stack rings (also ideal as sterling silver engagement rings or even wedding rings) are etched with the names of my sisters, dogs and a quote I love “The prettiest thing you can wear is a smile”.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

And just because “love is not written on paper, for paper can be erased. Nor is it etched on stone, for stone can be broken. but it is inscribed on a heart and there it shall remain forever” I added these gorgeous realbydlb red heart stack rings


Prices range from R 400 – R 1900. Email debs to request a quote here

Must Have Rings For Women Who Are Fashion Conscious And Enjoy Standing Out From The Crowd!

Sterling Silver Jewelry

To end this blog off (I will be posting again shortly on realbydlb) remember this blog is about stuff I love – we have this chunky, white peace sign resin handmade sterling silver ring for the ultimate in trendy and shabby chic – It’s my Winter/Summer/Autumn and Spring 2013/14 must have item! Resin can be in your choice of colour as can the symbol!

Email to request a quote here

Hope you enjoy!


Post by Jo Jo Bayvel