Looks Fade, Souls Don’t…

This touched my heart.

In an era where what one looks like implicates what defines one’s personality we need to remember the true essence of beauty…. it is a celebration of you, your heart, your soul.

We are inundated with ‘ways’ in which to improve our external selves through the faux world of social media – where are those adverts and posts encouraging us to be us on how to help others, on how to become a ‘heart person’.

When did we stop appreciating the beauty that is what God created INSIDE of each of us, the talents we should nurture and the very features we were born with, painted and sculpted in His image. When did we stop caring about caring for others but instead merely caring about our looks?

Sweet girl,

The world is going to tell you a million things about who you should be, how you should act, and the way you should look.

Very few of those voices will be shouting, “your worth doesn’t lie in your appearance.”

Very few voices will be reminding you, “you are made in the image of God, you are perfectly you, and you’re body is not something that needs to be manipulated.”

A million voices will be telling you the exact opposite.

And lies will be flying at you like burning arrows telling you that you just aren’t good enough. They will tell you to look around at the other girls who have what you don’t. They will try to steal every ounce of your joy.

Believe me when I tell you, it’s not worth it.

Chasing some unrealistic, superficial body or appearance will never be good for you. It will never bring more love or joy into your life. It will never, ever make you better.

Looks fade. No matter how hard you try. Gravity comes, wrinkles happen, bodies age.

Souls don’t.

You weren’t made to be an ornament to look at.

You were made to be a vessel in which God works His good through.

Little one, I pray your days are filled not by chasing after an image, but chasing after Jesus and His incredible call on your life.

Love Always



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