She Is The Ultimate Angel I Get To Call Mom

I know some of the most amazing momma’s & ladies, but without a doubt, none can compare to you Denise Bayvel

Jojo Bayvel Dee Bayvel

Not only that external beauty my most exquisite love.

It’s more that inner radiance, that selflessness, that gentleness. The way you love with all of you, the way you would do anything at anytime for not just your family but even strangers, the way I can only say YOU are the best person in this entire world

This my momsy, is what makes you the the best thing that has ever happened to me.

How blessed to be the one God chose to give his most wonderful angel on earth, as a mom to me.

I love you today, tomorrow and a little more with every passing moment.

Happy Mother’s Day – love your littlest Becky.



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