A Dedication To An Angel On This Earth During Stressful Times. A Dedication To The Lady I Am Lucky Enough To Call My Momma

Momma & Me

Mom you are the epitome of an angel walking on earth.

You possess every single good and wonderful trait a mom, wife, sister, friend and daughter could possibly have.

You are, my momma, without a doubt the most selfless, caring, kind, loving & wonderful creation ever.

Your softness is pure and true and at 69 I’ve never known you to be anything but a gentle beauty, a loving momma, a radiant soul.

You have the external beauty and grace of a queen – without any surgical help – you literally stop people in their tracks as they are awed.

But it’s that inner beauty, that perfect person you are, that radiates and outshines even the external.

You simply glow with the loving light of our Daddy above.

Momma during this most trying time, our second rodeo, you have been the most incredible wife, whilst still being an amazing mom and friend.

My Momsy I hope one day I can be just an nth of the person you are (as we all got the Bayvel stubborn and temper how you cope I don’t know : ) ) it is my goal.

My mom, my muse, my best friend, my guardian angel. I love you!

I love you for eternity and a day. A little longer and so very much more.


She Is The Ultimate Angel I Get To Call Mom

I know some of the most amazing momma’s & ladies, but without a doubt, none can compare to you Denise Bayvel

Jojo Bayvel Dee Bayvel

Not only that external beauty my most exquisite love.

It’s more that inner radiance, that selflessness, that gentleness. The way you love with all of you, the way you would do anything at anytime for not just your family but even strangers, the way I can only say YOU are the best person in this entire world

This my momsy, is what makes you the the best thing that has ever happened to me.

How blessed to be the one God chose to give his most wonderful angel on earth, as a mom to me.

I love you today, tomorrow and a little more with every passing moment.

Happy Mother’s Day – love your littlest Becky.


Dedicated To THE Best Person And Mother In The World … My Momma 

Happy Momma’s Day to THE best mother in the whole wide world. There is not only no other mother like you, there is no human being like you.

Your outer beauty at nearly 66, still takes away the breath of most people you come across and your inner beauty is just so abundant it is pretty hard to describe.
You would give up anything to make your family, friends and even strangers happy, you enhance the life of every person you meet, you are the kindest most thoughtful most amazing most selfless most humble, most beautiful mother alive.

You make every day of my life better and the nights feel that much safer. You are the calm in chaos, the anchor in any storm. My mom, my world, my life, my heartbeat..

I love you today and everyday, infinity times Infinity and more then more. God blessed us with an angel on earth to call “Mom” …. You my momma are my home… 💞💞💞💞 

Happy Birthday Our Beautiful Debs – My Sister, My Hero, My Best Friend, My Heart



My birthday wishes for our Debs, my thankfulness to our Heavenly Father and my absolute love for my incredible family.

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Tears do to stream down my cheeks as I write this, my other sis Bronni – We have been blessed with an incredible part of us, our middle sister Debs. Today they are tears of both joy and sorrow.

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My precious one, my twin, my love, my life… How do I even put into words how grateful I am to know you and have you with me always, both physically, emotionally and spiritually, the better part of me, my hero and my confidant. I am going to try and express this in what a few words can hardly do justice to…

The 10th March 2016 and a happy 38th birthday my angel sister.

You are both woman and yet an innocent child, you are a living legend, not supposed to live past 12 years age of age and yet here we are 26 years later celebrating you and your life.

Little did we know my Debs, that what started off a week ago as a routine reconstructive procedure of your colon – to make you more beautiful physically, than you already are ,yes my sis you are insanely gorgeous, after all you look like our gorgeous momma – became a battle again, against a dreadful disease you suffered through and beat 18 years ago. The amazing thing is that, yet again what could have taken your life, was found by ‘mistake’ and in a stage so early it could be removed. Again and again God has proved he has His hand on your little body and he ain’t giving up on you EVER. 26 years ago you decided you were going to fight this battle with Him and He is with you now and always.


After hearing this news, you still remain so strong and steadfast in your Faith. My Debs, after 62 operations and having so many parts of your tiny body removed I cannot believe you are not bitter or angry that you have to go through more. Not many people would have survived the first three years of your life, I know I wouldn’t have.

When you said on Sunday night “Mommy, imagine the pain Jesus went through on that cross to save us and give us salvation”, my heart ached and yet it gave me joy. My sis, that is why you have always and will continue to touch every persons life with whom you come into contact. It is your innocence, selflessness, joy and soul which people see shining through. Every surgeon and nurse in that hospital has fallen in love with you after just one week. Because, you epitomize love at first sight my angel.

Today as I saw you lying in that hospital you are in pain, yet beautiful and strong. I know that I know, and it is with an incredible Heavenly peace, that you are going to be okay. This story, your life, your testimony is going to touch more and more lives in the future. You are going to show the world how strong you are and how amazing and faithful our Jesus is. That Cancer can be beaten again and again and again. We have already seen two miracles – you had a clear cat-scan and you survived a surgery where some doubted you would. Wow, what a thing to add to your book which I promise will begin to write now, my love.This will be the last chapter and we will follow up with an epilogue soon, describing what will become a perfect, beautiful and most fulfilling life.


My wish and prayer for you on this day, Debs, is that you continue to be the exact person you are. You are perfect and just plain amazing. A hero, a muse, a legend, a soulmate a confidante and a person who lights up the darkest places. You are one of a kind and I cannot wait to see you live a life you deserve. I am excited.

As Bronni says, lucky is the man who will have you as a wife – although I will be sad to give you away smile emoticon . You are going to walk down that aisle, with our amazing daddy. You are going to use every amazing talent you have, from singing to helping animals and other people battling this horrid disease. You are going to have a long life and its is going to be a beautiful life, one that is remembered and spoken about for eternity.

Debs, remember this always – the night can only last for so long, continue to lift up your eyes and sing and remember that the sun is rising on a new dawn and chapter of your life, that there is a promise from the One. So always hold on you ARE going to make it.


I can only add that we are so blessed to have the family we do. We share a closeness that we do not take for granted. We have the most amazing, supportive, intelligent, provider our Dad, the most beautiful, soft-hearted yet incredibly strong mom,the most intelligent,creative, caring, beautiful, kindest older sister who would give up anything for us, a nephew who is so loving and entertaining and another on the way, and a brother in law who provides us with strength,loyalty, laughter stability and a shoulder to cry on. You my darling sis though, are the best of all of us! You pull us together and shake us up and make us realise exactly what we have.

My little legend I love you forever and a day, infinity times infinity, more than the fish in the sea and the stars in the Heavens.

Get better and come home now my angel , I miss you and I need you, so we can start to live that beautiful life together, I will be by your side every step of the way. I will love and cherish you and help you share your testimony.


Love Becky




To My Mom, My World, My Heart

Imagem, mother

Your mother is always with you… 
She’s the whisper of the leaves
as you walk down the street. 
She’s the smell of bleach
in your freshly laundered socks. 
She’s the cool hand on your brow
when you’re not well. 
Your mother lives inside your laughter.
She’s crystallized in every tear drop. 
She’s the place you came from,
your first home…
She’s the map you follow
with every step that you take. 
She’s your first love
and your first heart break…
and nothing on earth can separate you. 
Not time, Not space…
Not even death…
will ever separate you
from your mother… 
You carry her inside of you… 


Mom You’ve given me so much all the love from your heart
and the warmth of your touch.he gift of life and you’re friendship always
We have a very Special Bond which only comes from God…
As a child I would say Mommy I love you and today and always,with each and every new year,If I could had chosen,I would have picked no other.
Than for you…to be my lifelong friend and Precious Mother.. your strength of character, moral values and never ending selflessness are qualities I aspire to each day!

Some people glow from the inside out! That is you my mumsy. Ever and more externally beautiful but with a soul and heart that is to magnificent to describe in words.

Love Becky