Fathers Day Dread

Fathers Day Dread

9 weeks, 1 day ago you left us for your eternal life in Heaven.

My Daddy I am only now realizing you are gone from this place forever.

Shock.Drowning. Overwhelmed. Scared.

People tell me to be strong. You were my strength.

People tell me it gets better. Everyday & night brings a physical ache worse than the one before.

I dream about you, I wait for you to visit, I see a man who looks like you I call out ‘dad’… I cry.

I miss you.

I miss your grumpy.

I miss our mischievous humour.

I miss your endlessly forgiving love.

I miss you & mom together.

I miss our forced runs.

I miss my king, my legend, my mentor, my daddy.

I miss a completed family where you were the rock.

My pops, my first & last star at night.

I love you & miss you.

Until we meet in the most beautiful place again.

I yearn for you infinity ♾ and a day.

I am ‘broken down & tired’ & I know I will ‘rise up’ until then, I will grieve a man who I fell in love with at first sight.


Firsts … & Emotions

My first… love

First kiss 💋… awkward
First pimple … disaster
First day of work … exciting
First love …. etched
First heartache … feels endlessly sad
First car … I’m an adult 😊
First home … thrilling

😢😢😢😢 First birthday on Sunday without my pops … devastating & scary

Daddy, Rest In The Father’s Arms Now: Forever our hero. We salute you

This evening from our folks room the sunset was the most amazing we have ever seen it.

It was a sign from our grand pops/husband/dad, our legend, our in case of emergency.

He knew he had to show us that he was happy and smiling.

Heaven truly put on a majestic display to welcome a new angel, our now guardian angel.

The shock slowly wears off at times and we are left shattered with very sore hearts.

Paul Campbell Robertson Bayvel, ‘Doll’ to mom, Daddy to us, Pops to his grandkids, papa bear to his nearest and springbok rugby legend to others.

We bid you farewell. We miss you with everything. Our hearts are shattered.

We love you infinity and a day.

Rest in the arms of our Heavenly Father.

Forever our hero. We salute you

A Dedication To An Angel On This Earth During Stressful Times. A Dedication To The Lady I Am Lucky Enough To Call My Momma

Momma & Me

Mom you are the epitome of an angel walking on earth.

You possess every single good and wonderful trait a mom, wife, sister, friend and daughter could possibly have.

You are, my momma, without a doubt the most selfless, caring, kind, loving & wonderful creation ever.

Your softness is pure and true and at 69 I’ve never known you to be anything but a gentle beauty, a loving momma, a radiant soul.

You have the external beauty and grace of a queen – without any surgical help – you literally stop people in their tracks as they are awed.

But it’s that inner beauty, that perfect person you are, that radiates and outshines even the external.

You simply glow with the loving light of our Daddy above.

Momma during this most trying time, our second rodeo, you have been the most incredible wife, whilst still being an amazing mom and friend.

My Momsy I hope one day I can be just an nth of the person you are (as we all got the Bayvel stubborn and temper how you cope I don’t know : ) ) it is my goal.

My mom, my muse, my best friend, my guardian angel. I love you!

I love you for eternity and a day. A little longer and so very much more.


A Covoid Healing Testimony. I Am In Awe Of A Mighty God. Tears Pour As Miracles Happen

This video has left me speeechless (or rather wordless) with tears just pouring onto my screen.

That God so knows the desires of our hearts he can send a stranger to pray for us and those prayers are fulfilled. As we wait for our miracle for my daddy, I ask that anyone who reads this; says a little prayer for his healing.

From strangers to acquaintances to friends; our Heavenly Father may just hear your prayer and answer it for us.

What a mighty and wonderful God we serve. He is a Good, Good Father.

Eyes up always

Love infinitely