Someone I Call My Hero Was Born Today, Daddy I Love You.

My daddy,

71 years old today from your youngest girl I wish my hero a happy birthday ( it’s not a birthday song but it’s our song… a little girl on her dads shoulders at a concert, years ago. A moment treasured forever in my heart).

Dad, I just simply adore you forever and a day, more than infinity ♾️ could imagine.

Who you are today, what you have achieved, what you have given us, the strength and guidance you provide, being right even when we want you to be wrong, loving us, being our superhero, our number one man, our hero and our protector.

Wow pops, you are all of those and so so very much more.

Pops, YOU are my inspiration and my mentor my always in case of emergency.

I don’t think any man will ever match up to you unless he is some kind of perfect.

My birthday wish for you, is that this following year and the next bring plenty to follow.

That God grants you your every hearts desire and so much more.

You are an incredible man daddy, and I pray that God blesses you always, more then we can imagine as that’s only a little of what you deserve.

This little girl loves you always and forever.

Far higher than the Heavens above, far deeper than the oceans depth.

My number one.
I love you too much.
God Bless you forever



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