What This Blog & My Musings Are All About (Why Follow)

What This Blog & My Musings Are All About (Why Follow)

It’s a new year a new start soon…. and now after a long lazy time 😛 I am finally publishing my blog and using it. I’ll share a little now about it to see if you want to follow :).

Thank you to the 5000 who already follow me, I hope you enjoy.
Thanks to my “Fakebook” real friends & acquaintances who have liked my page – I am honoured.

The title tells the story “An Ordinary Girl on An Extraordinary journey through this life”
it’s not a generic blog about testing items etc. I am not a model nor influencer, I am passionate about writing and it fits with my digital consultancy. ITS MAIN PURPOSE – to share my legendary sisters story!!!

It is also a complete antithesis (ironically) to what social media stands for – It’s real and its basically my way of saying to people ‘This digital world is not real. stop letting it affect you. We all have problems. It’s to stop the teenage cyberbullying, the teenage suicides
I guess to show girls (and boys) how an everyday girl thinks & feels, if you relate that’s amazing. I am also here to help….

I do share my fun stuff, amazing things I find etc as I do love fashion, sports, beauty products, art, etc etc…. and I suppose with over 5000 followers (I don’t know how) eventually I will do sponsored posts; but I can promise you that my writing, my posts, my musings will always be REAL.
I guess if i want this blog to be ‘real’ in the world of “digital faking” it’s crucial that I am ‘real’ ….

I also have no issues with doing posts for DOGS 🙂 ,friends and families who need help as well as small businesses who need to reach my audience so contact me if you want. NOTE to readers I am a little sarcastic (well a lot so if you hate that unfollow :))

I write quickly & often make typos in my own work (not others) so Grammar police – sorry.

I also am Christian & that theme is pretty prominent but please know I do not judge anyone on their belief system, colour, creed, sexual orientation or anything – I am just comfortable and happy in my beliefs – so don’t try change them :p or argue rather tell me about yours, I find it interesting although it will never convert me.

HERE IT IS follow if you want to jojobayvel@me.com

Welcome to my blog or journey through. As a Digital Marketing Exec for 19yrs, my blog is about life outside the faux world of Social Media – it is about honesty, realness and an appeal to others that NO ONE has a perfect life, YET it can still be a perfectly happy life.

I write as often as possible but sometimes creativity escapes me and pictures or things I find along my journey, will have to do…I write from my heart & don’t often check up on grammar for my own posts so grammar police …. mmm you know.

I am a tiny 5″3 girl next; an ordinary girl living an extraordinary life.

I am also an incredibly happy person (with the happy gene) but hey, we all have our issues; you will read about mine here, and if you need to chat drop me a line anytime jojobayvel@me.com.

A little Bio On Me

I am a 37 -going on 14 or 40- year old girl living in Cape Town and of course….limbo… am I on the shelf or do I want to actually marry? I am incredibly fussy & believe in fairytales and forever after. Been proposed to 3 times said no as I want an always love…

Typical Gemini…Princess & Tomboy!
Lady and loud, love marketing, art, fashion, sport, Jesus, travel & most of all helping others – it’s what makes me heart smile.

I love comfort zones and adventure too? Crave travel, new people and places, never want to move?!?!?

Will always love animals, my family and friends – break-ups always result in me losing a dog!!!

Feisty, stubborn yet soft hearted with a pretty hard outer cover!

Crave love but bore easily… Want & adore kids and to be happily married but dread monotony. Need freedom, space, music and time to breathe but thrive on others company….♥”

Thank you so very much, for reading my posts & any part of my journey through life.
Love Always & a Day


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