What This Blog & My Musings Are All About (Why Follow)

What This Blog & My Musings Are All About (Why Follow)

It’s a new year a new start soon‚Ķ. and now after a long lazy time ūüėõ I am finally publishing my blog and using it. I’ll share a little now about it to see if you want to follow :).

Thank you to the 5000 who already follow me, I hope you enjoy.
Thanks to my “Fakebook” real friends & acquaintances who have liked my page – I am honoured.

The title tells the story “An Ordinary Girl on An Extraordinary journey through this life”
it’s not a generic blog about testing items etc. I am not a model nor influencer, I am passionate about writing and it fits with my digital consultancy. ITS MAIN PURPOSE – to share my legendary sisters story!!!

It is also a complete antithesis (ironically) to what social media stands for – It’s real and its basically my way of saying to people ‘This digital world is not real. stop letting it affect you. We all have problems. It’s to stop the teenage cyberbullying, the teenage suicides
I guess to show girls (and boys) how an everyday girl thinks & feels, if you relate that’s amazing. I am also here to help‚Ķ.

I do share my fun stuff, amazing things I find etc as I do love fashion, sports, beauty products, art, etc etc‚Ķ. and I suppose with over 5000 followers (I don’t know how) eventually I will do sponsored posts; but I can promise you that my writing, my posts, my musings will always be REAL.
I guess if i want this blog to be ‘real’ in the world of “digital faking” it’s crucial that I am ‘real’ ‚Ķ.

I also have no issues with doing posts for DOGS ūüôā ,friends and families who need help as well as small businesses who need to reach my audience so contact me if you want. NOTE to readers I am a little sarcastic (well a lot so if you hate that unfollow :))

I write quickly & often make typos in my own work (not others) so Grammar police – sorry.

I also am Christian & that theme is pretty prominent but please know I do not judge anyone on their belief system, colour, creed, sexual orientation or anything – I am just comfortable and happy in my beliefs – so don’t try change them :p or argue rather tell me about yours, I find it interesting although it will never convert me.

HERE IT IS follow if you want to jojobayvel@me.com

Welcome to my blog or journey through. As a Digital Marketing Exec for 19yrs, my blog is about life outside the faux world of Social Media – it is about honesty, realness and an appeal to others that NO ONE has a perfect life, YET it can still be a perfectly happy life.

I write as often as possible but sometimes creativity escapes me and pictures or things I find along my journey, will have to do‚ĶI write from my heart & don’t often check up on grammar for my own posts so grammar police ‚Ķ. mmm you know.

I am a tiny 5″3 girl next; an ordinary girl living an extraordinary life.

I am also an incredibly happy person (with the happy gene) but hey, we all have our issues; you will read about mine here, and if you need to chat drop me a line anytime jojobayvel@me.com.

A little Bio On Me

I am a 37 -going on 14 or 40- year old girl living in Cape Town and of course….limbo… am I on the shelf or do I want to actually marry? I am incredibly fussy & believe in fairytales and forever after. Been proposed to 3 times said no as I want an always love…

Typical Gemini…Princess & Tomboy!
Lady and loud, love marketing, art, fashion, sport, Jesus, travel & most of all helping others – it’s what makes me heart smile.

I love comfort zones and adventure too? Crave travel, new people and places, never want to move?!?!?

Will always love animals, my family and friends ‚Äď break-ups always result in me losing a dog!!!

Feisty, stubborn yet soft hearted with a pretty hard outer cover!

Crave love but bore easily‚Ķ Want & adore kids and to be happily married but dread monotony. Need freedom, space, music and time to breathe but thrive on others company‚Ķ.‚ô•‚ÄĚ

Thank you so very much, for reading my posts & any part of my journey through life.
Love Always & a Day

Which Hairstyle Attracts Men Most? …. is this how desperate women have become? Crisis


A few weeks ago, we put to rest the great hair debate “do gentlemen really prefer blondes?” But this week, I tackled an entirely different hair dating dilemma.

If you checked out a bar scene on any given night, there are two hairstyles a single woman will be working. The first, is a head of I-just-had-sex hair. The hope is that a mane of tousled waves and sultry curls will lure a man from across the bar. The second option is much simpler: less-fussy straight locks. The rise of straightening products can attest to the popularity of a salon-worthy d-i-y blowout.

Try on celebrity hairstyles in the Makeover Studio

These two popular on-the-prowl hairstyles got me wondering: which one is more likely to land the man?

On two separate nights last weekend, I stopped by NYC’s¬†Arrojo Studio¬†and had one fantastic stylist, Rachel Downing, work my hair into the perfect version of each man-hunting hairstyle. In the end, one coif truly conquered all.

On Friday night, I rocked long, straight hair. After dousing my ends with Arrojo’s Hydrating Mist, which my stylist told me “gives hair a nice drink,” Rachel slathered my strands in the salon’s own Straightening Serum. After pulling my roots taught with her fingers (“a brush works better on the ends, but you can use your fingers to get at the roots better”), my stylist blew out the rest of my hair with a bristly medium-sized flat brush. The result was a voluminous, sleek hairstyle with tons of sex appeal.

When one of my best girlfriends decided it was a night for the Meatpacking District, I took my straight locks to an underground dive bar with great music and a weekly reserve of eligible men. While the evening started with promise (my first two drinks were bought by a group of guys at a birthday party) the night ended without a solid prospect. Halfway through my turn on the dance floor, my hair that was once straight and sleek had become unruly with kinks, and the volume deflated.

Do guys like short hair?

I had higher hopes the next day when my stylist, Rachel, greeted me with a thorough hair washing (complete with euphoric scalp massage) and luxe-looking round brush. After a dollop of the Arrojo Cutler Volumizing Styling Whip, she began wrapping my hair around the brush by the bundle, and blasting the swirls of hair with heat from a blow dryer. My hair looked worthy of a Kardashian without the touch of a curling iron. But when I told Rachel that my style would have to last through the night (my appointment was at 3 pm), she grabbed an oversized iron and began setting my curls without clamping the ends. “The best curls come without the clamp,” she told me. “They won’t be so tight.”

Is Facebook the reason you’re single?

My high-roller hair needed more room than a dive bar had to offer, so my friends agreed to hit a swanky uptown lounge. Within minutes there was a pack of guys descending on my posse. After a long conversation with Todd, a 6’1″cutie in head-to-toe black, I forced myself to cruise the bar for the good of the mission. It turned out Todd wasn’t the only man not impervious to my sultry waves. Besides nabbing a free drink from the bartender, who I didn’t see handing out freebees to anyone else thankyouverymuch, another collar-clad gent struck up a conversation. By the end of the night I had two new phone numbers, one potential date, way too many free drinks, and a new signature hairstyle.

John Waller – snippet of his Biography, battle and victory over depression through Jesus , and one of his songs from “Fireproof” the movie

I am a “strong” Christian…. never believe when someone says that they are faultless and sinless because they are “believers”¬†believe¬†me we all sin everyday in varying degrees. The most¬†poignant¬†thing about John Waller’s testimony is his triumph over what the medical world¬†describes¬†as an¬†incurable¬†mental disease “Bi-Polar” … he was healed of this almost dramatically and has take a turn for God in his life to worship,¬†honor¬†and share our Father’s amazing love with the world. No judgement just love. If he can be cured of manic¬†depression¬†my anxiety and any of you out their suffering with mental “disorders” as doctors would say, their is not only hope of healing their is proof. Its just a matter of asking and¬†believing, praying and serving.

John Waller

John Waller Biography from Facebook Page … click here to like¬†http://www.facebook.com/johnwaller?sk=info¬†

From his early days leading the critically acclaimed band According to John to his impactful ministry as a solo artist, John Waller has continually used his gifts as a singer and songwriter to inspire, educate and encourage the body of Christ. With such powerful songs as “The Blessing” and “While I’m Waiting,” Waller articulates what it means to live a God-centered life in a turbulent world.

He¬†continues to do so on his new album, “As For Me and My House” a potent collection of songs buoyed by Waller’s insightful songwriting and compelling voice. “I don’t think I could write a record in any less than a year or two years because you really have to walk with the Lord and you have to experience life and allow the Lord to teach you something. The title track is, to me, the heart of this record,” Waller says of “As For Me and My House”, which joyfully declares “we belong to the Lord, and we will not give our hearts to another.”

“I’ve been parallel to the children of Israel in a lot of ways,” Waller says of his life. “I suffered with depression for so many years. I was in bondage for years and then the Lord set me free about seven years ago. He healed me and taught me a lot about blessing and speaking life. Many of the songs on my first solo album came out of that. The Lord has given all of us so many promises that are ours for the taking; yet there is a battle to lay hold of what God has promised us.”

A devoted husband, a loving father and a fierce believer in God’s word, Waller pours a torrent of emotion into the songs on “As For Me and My House”. “This album has promises. It’s about the clarity that comes when we remove anything that takes the place of God,” he says. “There have been a lot of idols in my life in the last couple of years—one being music. Wanting to make it and be established as a Christian artist became an idol in my life. I came to a place where I said, ‘I’m done doing that! I’m done building my kingdom, Lord I give it all to you. I just want to build your kingdom and I don’t care how that looks.'”

The talented Georgia native first caught the attention of the Christian music community as frontman for According to John. When the group disbanded, he and his wife Josee felt led to move to Colorado where they helped launch Southlink Church. Though he had given up his aspirations as a recording artist, he began writing songs at Southlink that led to new chapter in his ministry when he signed a deal Beach Street Records/Provident Music Group. His major label debut, “The Blessing,” introduced a wider audience to Waller’s music and gave him a national platform. He followed his debut solo album with “While I’m Waiting,” a powerful project that included the poignant title track, which was featured in “Fireproof,” the No. 1 independent film in 2008. Waller’s song was the only song in the film played in its entirety and its powerful message resonated strongly with audiences.

In recording “As For Me and My House”, Waller once again sought God’s direction and penned a potent collection of songs. Produced by Jason Hoard, the 11-song set is teeming with the passion and integrity that have become hallmarks of Waller’s artistry. “Jason gets what I do and we’ve been working together for so long—since According To John—and he just knows what I’m going for,” Waller says of working with the Georgia-based multi-instrumentalist. “With Jason we took each song and built it from the ground up and made sure it was built around the vocal.”

The album opens with the anthemic “Our God Reigns Here” a song Waller felt strongly about revisiting from the his previous album, which is direct spiritual warfare. “Yes” is a sonically vibrant song that reverberates with the truth of God’s goodness and positive touch on our lives. Penned by Waller, Hoard and Third Day frontman Mac Powell. “Because God is Good” is a celebration of the Lord’s grace and sovereignty. “Every believer that I know can relate to the fact that life doesn’t go the way we plan it all the time,” Waller says, “but the Bible promises all things work for the good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Things have not gone the way I thought they would go, but God has always been good to me. It’s because God is good that sometimes life doesn’t go the way we want it to go. It’s because of his goodness that he spares us from going the way we think things should.”

“Man of the Valley” is a poignant song about the challenges that help us grow. “I love mountain top experiences,” Waller says with a smile, “but my life has really been shaped in the valley. In the desert where it seems dry and it seems like God isn’t doing anything, that’s really where He’s molding me most. I speak with authority because I have been in the valley and my story has really been written in the valley.”

Among the album’s many highlights is “The Marriage Prayer,” a beautiful duet featuring John’s wife Josee. “She’s always sang with me and when we lived in Colorado, she was on my worship team. She’s done backup vocals on my records, but this is her debut singing her own,” Waller says of the song. “I adapted it from a prayer that author named Patrick Morley wrote. I changed it around and made it fit to a song format. It’s a great song and I’m excited about people hearing this one.”

“Somebody Else’s Story” is a tender prayer that captures Waller’s heart for sharing Jesus with others as he sings “I want to be a part. I want to be a part of somebody else’s story, somebody else’s story of redemption. I want to be the one to shine the light of Jesus into their darkness. Lead me to that someone I pray. Lord I want to bring you glory.”

John Waller is a talented man who continually uses his gifts to bring glory to God by encouraging fellow believers and by introducing others to the Lord he so passionately serves. “God has definitely taught me to completely live by faith and I can honestly say that my wife and I completely live by faith in everything we do,” Waller says. “God always provides. He always comes through and one of the biggest things I’ve learned is that God’s plan for each one our lives is not going to look like someone else’s. I’m an individual and unique and God has a unique plan for me. I’ve had to learn to not compare myself to someone else and it’s hard not to do that especially in this industry. You want to measure your success by what you see others doing. I’ve learned that I’ve had to let that go and know that I am successful, but I’m successful by God’s standard and not by man.”


Below is the theme song from Fireproof a¬†phenomenal¬†and REAL movie…. no sugar coating as well as another of my fave’s. Also here is the link to view more of John Waller’s music.¬†http://www.johnwallermusic.com/

The Novel I started writing in 1995…. 16yrs ago WOW funny lil thoughts

My mom pulled this out of nowhere and I just had to add it to my blog as a memory of who I was at 13yrs old. Clearly reading books way beyond my years and with an already odd idea of love *giggle*……. BUT already my love of writing had taken its effect and this shows where my passion lies… in the dreams of writing a Novel…¬†ONE DAY¬†… hopefully not another 16 yrs :)… So here it a girl on the verge of adolescence and her novel… nothing changed. How much fun would a “shrink” have with this!

November 25th 1995

Skye Thomas woke up in a cold sweat. She reached over and looked at her alarm clock, it was only 3 a.m. Ever since Lawrence had left her for Candice, her best friend, she had not had one night of sleep. Her friends and family had pleaded with her to forget about him. Yet, somehow she could not, he was her One, her Only, True Love.

Skye, daughter of well-known millianoaire actor; Kid Coleman, had been married to Lawrence for over eight years. They had met at a function for child welfare. Skye had instantly fallen in love with Lawrence’s movies star looks. With his dark,¬†prematurely¬†graying¬†hair, warm blue eyes and tip-top¬†physique¬†– he had many top earning models in love with him. For Skye the most important thing and that which attracted her most, was his wonderful personality and a quality he shared with her, an undeniable love for children. Yet they had only managed to have one child due to their buy schedules. She glanced over at him sleeping quietly in the bed beside her.

Little Tristan Lawrence Kit Thomas was the highlight of their lives. With his golden locks and his large green-blue eyes, most people seemed to think he looked exactly like Skye did when was young.She could not believe that Lawrence did not mind that he may not see his namesake and baby again. This broke her heart the most, as she had grown up in a broken home, and knew the pain and loneliness it caused. It had not affected Tristan yet, but she knew in time it would.

Skye glanced over at her clock. she had been thinking for over three hours and had to drop Tristan off at the¬†neighbors¬†and be at work in less than an hour. She rose out of bed and ran a bath for the two of them. She than went and woke Tristan with a mug of hot chocolate, his favourite. ¬†This little gesture of affection from his mother always put a smile on his chubby little face, putting a warm feeling in Skye’s heart.

After they had bather, dressed and had breakfast, they climbed into Skye’s new Porsche convertible. At least we wont ever be poor she thought to herself. Yet she would trade all the money in the world to be part of a warm, caring family. The kind she had always dreamed of; a white picket fence, surrounding a beautiful farmhouse – spacious yet cosy, two dogs and most importantly a husband who really loved her and would never leave.