Leroy Brown – The Best Damn Dog In The Whole ‘World ever’ 29.09.2011 to 5.09.2019

Video tribute to come as Leroy was my moms first love and her his, this is just a really small tribute to the Bullmastiff who served His Dog’s Purpose with me. I am heartbroken, I cannot breathe, I am lost but I was loved.

Leroy Brown – the best damn dog in the whole ‘world ever’
29.09.2011 to 5.09.2019
The magnificent sun set last night, just after you crossed the rainbow bridge my best buddy.
No more pain or suffering. You are running in fields healthy & happy.
The sun rose this morning, on the most magnificent day, a sign from you smiling down from up above.
You Leroy Browning our big, gentle, giant who became my best friend, confidant, protector & companion at my side always; served your Dogs Purpose.
You only loved & gave us beautiful memories to treasure.
We are broken hearted.
Boy Boy I can hardly breathe.
Tears do not stop falling.
Half of my heart has lost its biggest whole – you.
I love you always, forever a day and until we meet again.
Thank you for giving me your infinity, you made me so so happy….
I know time heals but for now,
I am lost without you.


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