She Is My Sister & My Hero ‘Against All Odds’ A Survivor… Debbie Bayvel The Last Chapter After Beating Terminal Cancer 7 Times

Just a quick reminder of the girl I get to call my sister. The ying to my yang, my roomie, my bestie, my person.

Debs has the most incredible story I have ever heard or witnessed with regards to beating Cancer and surviving so very much. 11 years old she received a death medical sentence. 41 she walks this earth as an angel & warrior.

We now prepare for three more major operations (number 71,2 & 3 of major reconstructive ops) – well Debs the legend does – I will update with a full post tomorrow.

This is the book I need to finish; to inspire & help others going through any battle in life. Always remember that no matter how small or big, every fight in any aspect of life is relative. Keep the Faith & eyes up always.

A journey from 9yrs old to 41
7 times terminal cancer beater
70 times major op survivor
Missing quite a few body parts: p but you wouldn’t say
Faith driven
Jesus Loving

Finishing the last chapter of a legends book after the next three ops! 🙏🏼


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