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Emma Lash Room

( Coming From The Girl Who Needed No Extra Help In This Depo But May NOW Just Find Them A Necessity )

jojo bayvel lashes

Being a natural blonde, yip natural if somewhat a rather drab mousy colour which needs a whole lot of help getting it to be a ‘nice’ colour, I have always struggled with my lashes – and that panda look when wearing no mascara. I do have really long and thick natural lashes but as they are blonde they seem to fade into nothing……


Tinting has helped as well as using a product called GrandeLash MD which makes them appear darker however the tint fades so quickly and the GrandeLash works so well that with these natural lashes of mine, I tend to need to trim them after a week or so. Yip all beauticians are surprised when they realise they do actually need a trim …  perhaps that extra cm of height I needed for my 5″3 frame landed up attached to my eyelid!

And so having to go to London for two weeks and not wanting to hassle with tinting (EXPENSIVE in POUNDS) or mascara and smudging I decided to try out false eyelashes.

Terrifying, as the “ONLY” thing I have that is fake are hair extensions and I used to think that lash extensions were akin to botox – dreadful and could only cause damage, like that os pulling my own natural lashes out.

Until I found Emma Brink, owner of The Lash and Beauty Room in Wynberg, Cape Town.

Emma Brinkley CLothing

WOW she is amazing And being the terrified Tim I am I will not and really don’t need to go anywhere else in Cape Town when I want to get these done again.

Not only is Emma brilliant but she is absolutely divine and so fun to be around which makes these daunting experiences just that much easier, in fact I fell fast asleep.

On arriving at the salon Emma noted my lashes were long and thick as it is, and being the true artist she is, told me we would go for the natural look and half a set of extensions – not having me leaving looking like I should star in Priscilla Queen of the Desert  (YAY Emma) someone who believes that less is more is always a friend.


FullSizeRender (7)

Emma got to work and within less than an hour I left feeling like my eyes simply popped! No mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow just these gorgeous new lashes.



From someone who wears make-up due to a little scarring on my skin these extensions actually let me wear so much less makeup as my eyes stood out and all else faded… what a pleasure on holiday, for work or for well any reason really! Waking up looking like you have just sat in a make-up artist’s chair is a pretty amazing feeling for any girl.


The best part? These lashes lasted over two weeks and simply came out naturally without me having to pull out prod or  even visit a salon, and I am left with my own naturally thick and long lashes – no damage.

The one thing I can say is that I may have now found a new “must-have” I am not enjoying the panda look, smudged mascara or having to try and enhance my eyes EVERY SINGLE DAY.. Emma I shall see you soon.

Ps Have a peep at Emma’s microblading … WOW.

Emma Lash Room MicroBlading.jpg 1Emma Lash Room MicroBladingEmma Lash Room MicroBlading.jpg 3

And did I mention she makes bespoke clothing too? The lady is a genius.

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Lots of Love



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