The Stars Alligned & God Blessed my Amazing Parents 42 Yrs Ago Today! 

My momsy & pops … I can’t believe I nearly forgot but then again I guess you make it easy to forget that you’ve made it 42 years … the springbok rugby player & the beauty queen artist … 6 years of dating before marriage + 3 daughters + 1 Son In Law + 2 grandkids & 9 dogs and you both look as handsome and beautiful as ever. You just make loving easy ❤️. 
Wishing you the happiest 42nd anniversary my most amazing folks, yip I got the best of the best, you’ve proved that love can conquer all, as no ride through life is easy. And you’ve proved that even when you don’t like each other 👀 you can still love each other. 

You have honestly set the most amazing example of what that once in a lifetime, soulmate finding, goosebump inducing… love can do. 

Perhaps you’ve set the bar a bit high as I find myself still single 😛 but I would rather have a love and compatibility like yours, then settle for anything less, in this wonderful thing we call life. 

42 years and here 🥂🥂 is to at least another 20 odd more my precious mom & dad.  

Love you always, forever and a little more then a lot of infinities … Becky


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