Dedicated To THE Best Person And Mother In The World … My Momma 

Happy Momma’s Day to THE best mother in the whole wide world. There is not only no other mother like you, there is no human being like you.

Your outer beauty at nearly 66, still takes away the breath of most people you come across and your inner beauty is just so abundant it is pretty hard to describe.
You would give up anything to make your family, friends and even strangers happy, you enhance the life of every person you meet, you are the kindest most thoughtful most amazing most selfless most humble, most beautiful mother alive.

You make every day of my life better and the nights feel that much safer. You are the calm in chaos, the anchor in any storm. My mom, my world, my life, my heartbeat..

I love you today and everyday, infinity times Infinity and more then more. God blessed us with an angel on earth to call “Mom” …. You my momma are my home… 💞💞💞💞 


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