Dedicated To THE Best Person And Mother In The World … My Momma 

Happy Momma’s Day to THE best mother in the whole wide world. There is not only no other mother like you, there is no human being like you.

Your outer beauty at nearly 66, still takes away the breath of most people you come across and your inner beauty is just so abundant it is pretty hard to describe.
You would give up anything to make your family, friends and even strangers happy, you enhance the life of every person you meet, you are the kindest most thoughtful most amazing most selfless most humble, most beautiful mother alive.

You make every day of my life better and the nights feel that much safer. You are the calm in chaos, the anchor in any storm. My mom, my world, my life, my heartbeat..

I love you today and everyday, infinity times Infinity and more then more. God blessed us with an angel on earth to call “Mom” …. You my momma are my home… 💞💞💞💞 


Because You’re My Mom

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Because you are my mom you loved me before I was ever seen
You thanked God for this miracle, this little human being
So exciting, yet fragile it all must have seemed to you then
Hearing my little heart beat inside you, now life begins

Because you are my mom no pain was too great for you to bear
Now you’re a mother and I your child with joys and pains to share
And so into this world my life began each breath now on my own
One day we will look back at just how much I’ve grown

Because you are my mom you worried for me within your every bone
You finally let go of my little hand to take my first steps on my own

Because you are my mom you showed me through the years
To care about others and their feelings and the things that they hold dear

Because you are my mom you taught me right from wrong
Understanding that my faith in God will forever keep me strong
Showing me that being my own person is the only tool I’ll need
When morals and values are your foundation to succeed

Because you are my mom you loved me enough to also be my friend
You would be right there in ways that no one could see or ever comprehend
When there was no way I thought you could ever understand
There you would be, non-judging and willing to lend a hand

Because you are my mom, God’s gift to me was you
As your daughter I will always love you and promise to be true
I thank you for so many things and will try to never make you sad or blue

Because you are my mom, and one-day I will be a mother too
I pray I never forget all that you’ve been through
I am your daughter and in your image I am proud to be
By the grace of the Lord you were created, and then I came to be