You Are Beautiful! Remember That…

For all those beautiful ladies I know.


This video touches my heart and causes a catch in my throat every time I watch it. So many girls, teenagers, ladies, mothers, wives and daughters so often forget that each an every one of you is BEAUTIFUL.

Remember always, as we live in a fickle and fake world filled with images of perfect women, with perfect bodies and perfect faces that fill timelines and shopping lines: beauty need not lie in your aesthetics –  as a beautiful heart lasts forever, beyond wrinkles and scars and this life’s untold ‘war wounds’.

Never ever let your outer beauty distract others from your internal love and beautiful hearts.

Your external beauty may never be good enough – as there are too many things someone will want to change about you to make you more beautiful in their eyes. Forget THEM they are insecure and will bring you down.

Your internal beauty may only be appreciated by those who are special and lucky enough to get to know you. BE patient, these people are worth it.

I am blessed to know ladies of all ages who are lucky enough to be beautiful on the outside and inside… the difference is these ladies whose looks will eventually fade will always have eyes and a soul that reflect the inner beauty of their souls.

I am proud to know each of you….

And ladies, most importantly remember that you are created perfect and beautiful in the image of the man who died to know and love you. Jesus.


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