To The First Person I Fell In Love With … Momma

“When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.”….

You were the first person I fell head over heels in love with,momma.

The one I first opened up my eyes too and knew that I would be loved by, a Heavenly angel forever to take care of me.

I am not blessed to have you as a mom, I am the luckiest girl in the world. No two like you were created and I get the perfection that was.

The entire world family, friends and strangers alike would, without a doubt say; you are the epitome of everything good in this world.

Love Unconditional

You truly are the rarest of gems, God spent his time polishing to perfection.

This world would be an empty space without you as you light up and fill every room you walk into, with beauty, dignity, love, holiness and light.

Dad, was always (in his own grumpy way) head over heels for you. He would be so proud of all you are doing to keep us afloat and strong.

Momma you make loving easy.

That’s why this love can’t sit still and is so full – it’s a skip to the sun, a jump to the moon perhaps a little leap to Mars, straight up to the Milky Way and the Heavens above and right down to the depths of our incredible oceans.

YOU, Denise Bayvel are everything.

I love you infinite ♾ time infinity.


Debbie Lee Bayvel a journey against all odds – A Story Of A Legend Like None You Will Ever Hear –

So it begins.
I am honoured to not only be this hero’s ‘little’ sister, but to have the opportunity to be the main author of her book & life.

9 years old diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma (2% survival rate)
Chemotherapy that did not work.
Heart failure.
11 years old a secondary on her head.
My tiny angel given her death sentence.
Maybe months, weeks or days… no more.
A fighter with Faith penning a letter that with Her Daddy above she would survive.

No skull
Half a pelvis
Ribs & a piece of her lung
Veins, muscles, skin
All removed.

20 odd years in remission with one hiccup

70 major reconstructive ops some over 11 hours

1 more to go.

42 years old – ALIVE

She is whole. She is my muse. My strength. My support system. The ying to my yang. My hero. My legend.
My sister.

Debbie Lee Bayvel
Cancer warrior
Cancer survivor
Medical miracle
Faith Driven
Child of God

Thank you for choosing me. I will make you proud sis.

Love always & a day more than that

JoJo Bayvel

Still So Apt But I Am Finally Ready: My Darling … Yet To Discover

Turning 38 and thank goodness genetically blessed from both folks physically and with youthful looks (knees now do feel the rain coming though 🙂 ), seems like a good time to repost these words I wrote in the middle of a game farm under a star filled African sky next to a mesmerising fire.

I was full of hope and yet I guess whilst the words were straight from the bottom of this heart, I don’t think I was quite ready to be … discovered let alone discover someone and give them my all.

I am ready now…. BUT not ready to discover just anybody. He must be my soulmate and best friend, my forever one, the man who loves me when I am no longer youthful looking but still blessed with the same kind heart and sense of humour ( perhaps with less wits about me but still witty) …because I know that I am capable of; and want that soul quenching, inner beauty loving…forever happiness.

If you asked me what I wanted my darling a thousand times over it would be the same thing,
I want a life filled with adventure, never letting the mundane and boring become a part of who we are,
My love, I want to explore the earth: in its entirety,  every last crevice of you, the earth, the oceans and each little thing that the moon shines upon and my love, I want to explore this with you …

Darling if you had to ask me what would make my heart happy and what would make my soul come alive I would tell you this;

Take my heart and hold it in your hand as though it was the very thing that keeps you alive,
Guard it and guide it,
Treat it with the utmost and gentle care, but never allow it to grow tired and still,

As my heart sweet darling needs to be touched and whispered to: so that your heart too, beats with the fire of a thousand African sunsets.

My love if you want to know the secret to hearing my laughter erupting from the depths of my very soul just know the answer lies in allowing me to be me,
for my love, my beauty lies not in the colour of my eyes nor the shape of my lips but rather in the way I live;
to feel free and alive;
And laughter, my love, is the way my heart sings, it allows you to pen lyrics to the sweetest melody your ears have yet to hear.

My darling if you want to know how to make your arms my safe haven then simply do this –
Treat me my sweet sweet darling as though I were the most special and incredible gift;
hold me in your arms, unwrap each layer that encases my body, heart and soul


Do this with care my darling as the rarest gifts need to be opened slowly and patiently in order to truly appreciate what lies inside the gilded paper,

My love, the answers to most of the questions your mind yearns to know are simple:
For darling  they are the very questions you have had the answer to, since the beginning of your mortal time.

A Dogs Perspective: My Bucket List Day. Leroy Brown

Leroy Brown the best bullmastiff ever

My other momma JoJo took me for my for X-rays today (I love the vet especially Duncan ,and they all just give me so many hugs and licks of love WOW! (I don’t even mind staying there for a while) my health news doesn’t look fantastic. My family has to see Duncan tomorrow, they are all a little scared. I can see it in their eyes BUT there is always hope. I need a specialist but a lady who owns GlamInc stole R 140 000 from my JoJo so Im hoping we can go!

I think JoJo adores me

I just don’t know if I’m ready to leave them yet although I am pretty sore and not feeling great; I think will tell them when I want to go to my forever home, I know they won’t let me suffer. 

this is my family

I know I still have so many reasons to stay here and teach them lessons so I really want to get better. They need to know more about unconditional love and living each day to the fullest, about protecting the people you adore and of course loyalty. I just love them so much, especially my orginal mom. She visits everyday and I get so excited; I wait on the patio for her and my tail starts wagging on its own when I hear her car! Then I give her kisses and thats my day made. 

After the vet today,  when my JoJo mom fetched me (I could see she had been crying and it made my heart sore). To cheer us both up we went on the best adventure ever. Can you believe I have never seen the beach? I live in Cape Town, mom hello?

Heaven on Earth

So off we went with loads of treats, a squeezy bottle of water as I get so thirsty lately ,and even though I am a little dumb – I can drink out of it. My JoJo was so proud! That made me happy. Except I hate pics and she just thinks I am so handsome she wants more and more and more, I guess they will be good for memories when I’m gone. Videos though? Are a no no – not because of me I am handsome, but JoJo sounds like Daisy Duck when she talks, so excuse her in these and hey, I still adore her and her voice.  

She started to smile, we put on some music and went to the beach and guess what? I put my paws in the ocean! 

WOW I know that there will be so many beaches and oceans in my forever home. They are Heaven on earth!

I eventually couldn’t help myself. I forgot I was sore. And I ran and played in the sand and dragged my freezing cold other momma right into the waves! I loved it we got sopping wet, full of sand and had the best time! 

I even drank some water, ate loads of treats (LOADS) and then we came home to the place where I will always leave a piece of my heart, and my other adoptive mom/aunt and real mom were there! What a treat, I got so much love. 

Im really pooped now, lying next to my momma JoJo as she works. I always need to protect my family, its what I came to do; that and to love them. That’s why I just love being close to each of them; even when my jojo is dressed a bit strangely in gowns and scarves in fact her whole wardrobe in Winter – I guess thats why she isn’t married (IG lies she doesn’t always look glam).

This adoptive mom loves me so much she makes sure I am warm in my blankie. See I taught her that we have to help and love each other every chance we get.  

She keeps looking at me and smiling and I know she can see in my eyes, I am smiling back. 

Later when I go to my room to sleep,  it’s so comforting to know that she will bring me water every two hours and let me out to pee  – I hope other dogs have family like mine. I think they think I am really special and I guess God made me oh so special just for them.

Night guys, 

Please keep me in your prayers. Let me know if my ‘Dogs Purpose’ is finished here or else pray that I don’t hurt anymore so I can stay just a little longer and teach little more love.

Licks of love 

Leroy Brown 

Advice From Life’s Graying Edge on Finishing With No Regrets

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I find joy each day in mundane things too often overlooked: sunrises and sunsets, an insect on a flower, crows chasing a hawk, a majestic tree, a child at play, an act of kindness toward a stranger.

Eventually, most of us learn valuable lessons about how to conduct a successful and satisfying life. But for far too many people, the learning comes too late to help them avoid painful mistakes and decades of wasted time and effort.

In recent years, for example, many talented young people have denied their true passions, choosing instead to pursue careers that promise fast and big monetary gains. High rates of divorce speak to an impulsiveness to marry and a tenuous commitment to vows of “till death do us part.”

Parents undermine children’s self-confidence and self-esteem by punishing them physically or pushing them down paths, both academic and athletic, that they are ill equipped to follow.

Here is a summary of those most knowledgeable on these most salient thoughts.


 A satisfying marriage that lasts a lifetime is more likely to result when partners are fundamentally similar and share the same basic values and goals. Although romantic love initially brings most couples together, what keeps them together is an abiding friendship, an ability to communicate, a willingness to give and take, and a commitment to the institution of marriage as well as to each other.

An 89-year-old woman who was glad she stayed in her marriage even though her young husband’s behavior was adversely affected by his military service said, “Too many young people now are giving up too early, too soon.”


Not one person in a thousand said that happiness accrued from working as hard as you can to make money to buy whatever you want. Rather, the near-universal view was summed up by an 83-year-old former athlete who worked for decades as an athletic coach and recruiter: “The most important thing is to be involved in a profession that you absolutely love, and that you look forward to going to work to every day.”

Although it can take a while to land that ideal job, you should not give up looking for one that makes you happy. Meanwhile, if you’re stuck in a bad job, try to make the most of it until you can move on. And keep in mind that a promotion may be flattering and lucrative but not worth it if it takes you away from what you most enjoy doing.


The demands of modern life often have a negative effect on family life, especially when economic pursuits limit the time parents spend with their children. Most important, the elders said, is to spend more time with your children, even if you must sacrifice to do so.

Share in their activities, and do things with them that interest them. Time spent together enables parents to detect budding problems and instill important values.

While it’s normal to prefer one child over others, it is critical not to make comparisons and show favoritism. Discipline is important when needed, but physical punishment is rarely effective and can result in children who are aggressive and antisocial.


“Embrace it. Don’t fight it. Growing older is both an attitude and a process,” an 80-year-old man said. The experts’ advice to the young: “Don’t waste your time worrying about getting old.”

Most found that old age vastly exceeded their expectations. Even those with serious chronic illnesses enjoyed a sense of calm and contentment. A 92-year-old who can no longer do many of the things she once enjoyed said: “I think I’m happier now than I’ve ever been in my life. Things that were important to me are no longer important, or not as important.”

Another said, “Each decade, each age, has opportunities that weren’t actually there in the previous time.”

Maintain social contacts. Avoid becoming isolated. When an invitation is issued, say yes. Take steps to stay engaged, and take advantage of opportunities to learn new things. Although many were initially reluctant, those who moved to a senior living community found more freedom to enjoy activities and relationships than they had before.

To those who worry about dying, these men and women said the best antidote is to plan for it: Get things organized, let others know your wishes, tidy up to minimize the burden on your heirs.


“Always be honest” was the elders’ advice to avoid late-in-life remorse. Take advantage of opportunities and embrace new challenges. And travel more when you’re young rather than wait until the children are grown or you are retired.

As Dr. Pillemer summarized the elders’ view, “Travel is so rewarding that it should take precedence over other things younger people spend money on.” Create a bucket list now and start whittling it down.


Almost to a person, the elders viewed happiness as a choice, not the result of how life treats you.

A 75-year-old man said, “You are not responsible for all the things that happen to you, but you are completely in control of your attitude and your reactions to them.” An 84-year-old said, “Adopt a policy of being joyful.”

The 90-year-old daughter of divorced parents who had lived a hardscrabble life said, “I learned to be grateful for what I have, and no longer bemoan what I don’t have or can’t do.”

Even if their lives were nine decades long, the elders saw life as too short to waste on pessimism, boredom and disillusionment.