Being A ‘Heart’ Person

I have so often thought that I am a ‘head’ over ‘heart’person. A person who made decisions based on rationale and not emotion, a person who thought things through ‘intelligently’ and did not let my heart sway any of my choices.

Just thinking about one aspect of this scenario is in relationships. I have always been the one to say ‘yes I have been cheated on often , been spoken to badly, treated appallingly’ and yet I walk into new relationships with trust and confidence and no ‘baggage’, as my head says ‘this person isn’t the last person/s you dated … trust them and let down your guard’… the thing I have begun to realize is, how wrong I am.

These past hurts and acts of cheating and lying are embedded in my heart and the thing is, they have made me build walls so high and have created a fear of losing myself to love. Because my heart says love hurts , people lie and cheat and are never the person you first meet (well the act can be kept up for a couple of months I guess.) So i back away and that is not a ‘head’ decision, as I want to get married and have kiddies and love my best friend and soul mate forever.

So you see I’ve realized I’m without a doubt a ‘heart’ person through and through In short…. feeling > thinking..And I am actually pretty happy I am this way…

There is no doubt that I do believe that it is important to be both a ‘head’ & a ‘heart’ person. God equipped us with both a mind and a heart, and I think that most decisions in life should be made using both (also intuition, but we’ll save that for another post).

For now though, and for those of you who identify, here are a few ways to know if you are what I realise now, is that special kind of person.. a ‘heart’ person

You keep a diary or pen notes on your phone or scrap pieces of paper.

You have to verbally process everything, preferably with another ‘heart’ person. And sometimes over an over until your head gets around your heart thought.

Affection is your thing. Giving and getting.

You’re a hopeless (hopeful?) romantic. Don’t even try to fight it.

You’re highly sympathetic and empathetic. Wanting to save the world, animals, children and almost anything that cant save itself.

You try to make everyone happy and because their is only one of you and your heart to go around, you can’t and end up sometimes hurting people who think you have let them down, when in reality you just don’t have the heart capacity.

You desperately seek out those songs that make your heart explode (which typically occur two, maybe three times a year). Either to cry, laugh or just feel nostalgically lost in the music.

You’re one of those “cry out of happiness” people.

You’re bad at pretending you’re interested in something when you’re not.

Sometimes your life feels like a movie or a book and you want it to stay that way.

You’re probably into writing, music, dance, or art of some sort.

If you really like something or find something funny, you have to share it with everyone. Everyone. and Everywhere.

You’re observant and discerning of the emotions of people around you and you try to be a ‘fixer’ as much as possible.

You sometimes wish you weren’t a ‘heart person’, but most of the time you wouldn’t have it any other way…….


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