31 Things I have learnt turning 31!


They do say that the “Dirty Thirties” are possible the best years of your life, you “discover” who you really are, you learn what you want and what you REALLY don’t want etc. etc. etc.

I decided to share 31 things I’ve learnt in my 31 years on this planet, “Ode to the wisdom of the aged”, – some of these are fun, some important, and some just plain outrageous!


1. You don’t always learn from your mistakes, you will most likely repeat them over and over.

2 .Less is more in terms of Make-up and Hair Styling.

3. Clothing is meant to show class not ass.

4. Your gut instinct is worth more then anyone’s word or even Google for that matter.

5. The men you have loved and lost (in my case lost not loved) may have hurt you or disrespected you but they only made you a stronger and wiser person. No Regrets.

6. Your relationship with your family should be nurtured and treasured these people are in your life forever, through the good times and bad and if you treat them right they will never let you down.

7. Friends come and go let the ones who judge and belittle you go, keep the ones who jump in the gutter when you have fallen in yet again!

8. Animals are selfless creatures that just need love and attention don’t forget about them as they get older always remember they devoted their whole lives to loving you

9. Don’t try define yourself as black and white because there’s so much hiding in the grey areas that could surprise even you!

10. Men may come and go, which worries the older girl, but instead of holding onto the wrong one, wait for the man who will hold your hand and heart forever.

11. I have a problem with owning too many clothes and then getting dressed and never having anything to wear.

12. Did I mention I have a shoe addiction?

12. I have become a jeans, vest and slip slops kind of girl. It’s me, it’s comfortable and my dog prefers it.

13. You don’t always have to look for the most intelligent and recognized individuals (by the world) to find a hero and mentor, most often they exist within the people you interact on a daily basis.

14. Don’t drink and drive you never know how it could effect your life and that of another person in the future – it takes a second for an accident to happen which could leave a child fatherless forever!

15. When someone gives you a compliment say thank you and then shut-up!

16. Everyone has insecurities, surround yourself with people who make you forget yours.

17. If you believe in something with your whole heart never give up on it.

18. Never let anyone tell you,you can’t do anything ! You CAN as long as your heart is willing!

19. You stay in shape by training and keeping a healthy diet not taking medication and other substances.

20. Reading stimulates your mind ,no one can take education away from you! If you find yourself bored go read some books peeps you will find it more healing then a coffee and gossip session.

21. You will be disappointed often in life. Pick yourself up, learn from the experience and keep smiling.

22. The only thing worry and stress achieve are more wrinkles!

23. Treat people the way you would like to be treated even if they don’t appreciate it you will be the happier person

24. Be well groomed but don’t hide behind a mask of good looks, looks fade but laughter doesn’t

25. Faith will get you through anything! Be still and know that He will love you always.If a door is closed you are not meant to enter!

26. Don’t let resentment live in your heart it will ruin only you!

27. Chocolate should be a banned substance ! Okay no wait …….. Yip banned !

28. Be thankful everyday to the man who came up with the idea for sushi

29. Learn something new everyday and find someone who wants you to teach them what you have learnt.

30. Keep healthy, one day when you want to have babies remember everything you put in your body is absorbed by theirs!

31. Don’t let people tell you that the “clock is ticking”, hold out for you hero, the man who will love you when you look your worst, who will understand PMS and who lets you cry on his shoulder even if he watches TV whilst doing it. Let him be the man who loves you for your smile, quirkiness and intelligence not your hair and underwear!

Live, Laugh, Love and Enjoy… life is just beginning!


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