To The First Person I Fell In Love With … Momma

“When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.”….

You were the first person I fell head over heels in love with,momma.

The one I first opened up my eyes too and knew that I would be loved by, a Heavenly angel forever to take care of me.

I am not blessed to have you as a mom, I am the luckiest girl in the world. No two like you were created and I get the perfection that was.

The entire world family, friends and strangers alike would, without a doubt say; you are the epitome of everything good in this world.

Love Unconditional

You truly are the rarest of gems, God spent his time polishing to perfection.

This world would be an empty space without you as you light up and fill every room you walk into, with beauty, dignity, love, holiness and light.

Dad, was always (in his own grumpy way) head over heels for you. He would be so proud of all you are doing to keep us afloat and strong.

Momma you make loving easy.

That’s why this love can’t sit still and is so full – it’s a skip to the sun, a jump to the moon perhaps a little leap to Mars, straight up to the Milky Way and the Heavens above and right down to the depths of our incredible oceans.

YOU, Denise Bayvel are everything.

I love you infinite ♾ time infinity.



A Dogs Perspective: My Bucket List Day. Leroy Brown

Leroy Brown the best bullmastiff ever

My other momma JoJo took me for my for X-rays today (I love the vet especially Duncan ,and they all just give me so many hugs and licks of love WOW! (I don’t even mind staying there for a while) my health news doesn’t look fantastic. My family has to see Duncan tomorrow, they are all a little scared. I can see it in their eyes BUT there is always hope. I need a specialist but a lady who owns GlamInc stole R 140 000 from my JoJo so Im hoping we can go!

I think JoJo adores me

I just don’t know if I’m ready to leave them yet although I am pretty sore and not feeling great; I think will tell them when I want to go to my forever home, I know they won’t let me suffer. 

this is my family

I know I still have so many reasons to stay here and teach them lessons so I really want to get better. They need to know more about unconditional love and living each day to the fullest, about protecting the people you adore and of course loyalty. I just love them so much, especially my orginal mom. She visits everyday and I get so excited; I wait on the patio for her and my tail starts wagging on its own when I hear her car! Then I give her kisses and thats my day made. 

After the vet today,  when my JoJo mom fetched me (I could see she had been crying and it made my heart sore). To cheer us both up we went on the best adventure ever. Can you believe I have never seen the beach? I live in Cape Town, mom hello?

Heaven on Earth

So off we went with loads of treats, a squeezy bottle of water as I get so thirsty lately ,and even though I am a little dumb – I can drink out of it. My JoJo was so proud! That made me happy. Except I hate pics and she just thinks I am so handsome she wants more and more and more, I guess they will be good for memories when I’m gone. Videos though? Are a no no – not because of me I am handsome, but JoJo sounds like Daisy Duck when she talks, so excuse her in these and hey, I still adore her and her voice.  

She started to smile, we put on some music and went to the beach and guess what? I put my paws in the ocean! 

WOW I know that there will be so many beaches and oceans in my forever home. They are Heaven on earth!

I eventually couldn’t help myself. I forgot I was sore. And I ran and played in the sand and dragged my freezing cold other momma right into the waves! I loved it we got sopping wet, full of sand and had the best time! 

I even drank some water, ate loads of treats (LOADS) and then we came home to the place where I will always leave a piece of my heart, and my other adoptive mom/aunt and real mom were there! What a treat, I got so much love. 

Im really pooped now, lying next to my momma JoJo as she works. I always need to protect my family, its what I came to do; that and to love them. That’s why I just love being close to each of them; even when my jojo is dressed a bit strangely in gowns and scarves in fact her whole wardrobe in Winter – I guess thats why she isn’t married (IG lies she doesn’t always look glam).

This adoptive mom loves me so much she makes sure I am warm in my blankie. See I taught her that we have to help and love each other every chance we get.  

She keeps looking at me and smiling and I know she can see in my eyes, I am smiling back. 

Later when I go to my room to sleep,  it’s so comforting to know that she will bring me water every two hours and let me out to pee  – I hope other dogs have family like mine. I think they think I am really special and I guess God made me oh so special just for them.

Night guys, 

Please keep me in your prayers. Let me know if my ‘Dogs Purpose’ is finished here or else pray that I don’t hurt anymore so I can stay just a little longer and teach little more love.

Licks of love 

Leroy Brown 

The Thing About Getting Older Is This – Musings From Me As I ‘Grow Up’

Dear Blog – It’s been far too long, but now my writers block is gone and I look forward to seeing you again often….


The thing about getting older is this:
You realise that life doesn’t happen as you may have planned, yet you learn to cherish each and every unplanned moment LIVE
You may be have been hurt or still be hurting yet someone out there has probably been hurt by you – FORGIVE
That in the blink of an eye everything around you can break and shatter with the death of a loved one – APPRECIATE 
You look back and see that a person you didn’t acknowledge may just have been your soulmate? You don’t get that time back – LOVE FREELY 
You can’t get caught up in society’s way of saying thank goodness my life is better than that person, without stepping in to assist ‘that person’ in anyway you can – ALWAYS HELP 
You learn that you may not be perfect but you can be the most perfect version of the you that was created – ASPIRE 
That even though we aren’t promised tomorrow you can’t lose the child within that still believes that fairytales come true– DREAM FOREVER
You and only you know your deepest fears and mistakes, it’s normal we are none blameless but because of this we shouldn’t believe or repeat the mistakes of others from hearsay – NEVER JUDGE 
You realise that there are those family and friends that just get you and love you for you – APPRECIATE 
That life is not a popularity contest but rather a short time in a place to do as much as we can with the talents and treasures we possess – GIVE

Jo-Jo Bayvel’s Aging Wisdoms


Love Always

Another Update on #LetsBlessBlessings -We Did It.. Let’s Carry on!!

UPDATE ON BLESSINGS – 9th September 2016

UPDATE ON BLESSINGS – 9th September 2016
It was so incredible to see ‘Turbo’ Blessings at our house today, as he starts to do odd jobs for my folks.
He gave me a heartwarming update, that had us both smiling from ear to ear!
Not only did him as his wife have a safe return from Malawi, but they are in the process of getting permanent residence!
AND blessing of all blessings …
After the devastating loss of their baby to Malaria, Blessings wife is now in the early stages of pregnancy!!!
Thanks again to so many incredible people for helping this special guy out! Lyndall Smith Mikhaila Katz Roxy Mulder Tayrene Barrett Justine Miller Maggie Miller Megan Fellner Dominic Darne Kerry Pallas
He is literally radiating from all the love shone upon him and still a little in awe and amazed that people would help him!
Because this has turned out to be such an amazing initiative started by my selfless brother in law Bruce Darné and because our Turbo is just the most grateful, special person even through his heart wrenching and tough journey in life, I would like to think that we can all carry on with helping to #BlessBlessings.
He still has no home and with a new baby on the way any donations would help in the form of clothes and nappies etc.
We also need to ensure that when going to Malawi his wife, himself and new baby are protected from Malaria with items such as mosquito nets,citronella candles and oil.
If you are keen to assist please let myself or Bruce know and we can organize collection of items.
Alternatively we still have his donor page set up and you can donate on this page via PayPal or into Bruce’s bank account via EFT.
Banking Details:
Bank: Nedbank
Account Holder: Bruce Darné
Account Number: 1009742647
Branch Code: 100909
Proof of Payment can be sent to Bruce at or 0823370962.
Please use your name and what items you would like us to use your donation for, in the email subject line or as a reference.
We will always credit and mention you amazing, kind and beautiful souls who help make another life one worth living …. Please let us know if you would rather stay anonymous.

Blessings Done copy
….and with the extra funds YOU have made it possible to help him start his life in South Africa….to my amazing brother-in-law Bruce Darné who started this initiative, you have a heart of gold I am proud to have you as a brother!
MOST IMPORTANTLY ~ AN INCREDIBLY HEARTFELT THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, SPECIAL, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE for your GENEROUS DONATIONS… this world needs more people like you as there are so many stories like this one where people in dire straits need assistance.

Kerry Pallas – R 1530 | &100

Tayrene Barrett R 1000 | $66

Lyndall Smith  R 765 | $50

Mikhaila Katz – R 300 | $21

Roxy Mulder – R 500 | $33

Anonymous donor – R 7000 | $463

Kathryn-Leigh Storm –  R 500 | $33

Dominic Darné & Barclays Bank –  R 2000 | $131

Amanda Grose –  R 2000 | $131

Adriaan Theron – R 200 | $13

Justine & Gary Miller  – R 200 | $13

Megan Fellner –  R 500 | $33

Jojo & Debs Bayvel  – R 500 | $33


Birthday Wishes & A Little Time Capsule To Our Nephew Cole Campbell Darné

I am posting this a little late my darling Cole. You will learn that this blonde Aunty is a little ditzy but I do adore you and have had this note on my phone since your 3rd birthday. It has also taken almost half that time  (not really, only a week) to choose pics of you, as every one I have, and find is just too adorable. Buddy, here is your Happy Birthday wish and time capsule from your aunties.I hope you read it one day and know just how special you are and always will be to us.

To our darling Cole,

Little dude three years ago you made your beautiful, kind and oh so intelligent mommy and super handsome and pretty rad daddy, so very excited that you were going to make your debut into in this world. At the same time you made your legendary “pops”, gorgeous “goggo” and two aunties, Jojo (me) and Debs, the happiest people in the world. Little guy your impending arrival was like God had given us a promise rainbow in our lives and this time we knew what our little pot of gold was!

Three years later buddy and you have not disappointed! You are without a doubt the most adorable, kindest and loving little guy on the planet.

So today you turn three! Wow big boy … That is a pretty big milestone and let this Aunty tell you that you have been such a good boy. No terrible twos, just smiles and giggles and nose crinkling, okay maybe sometimes a little tantrum or two – but we know that this is just because you are such a clever little dude who knows what he wants and when he wants it. Who can blame you? We are all the same.

Little Parolie, as bright as you are you wont really understand this letter from your aunties until you are a little older,so your “writing” Aunty is giving you a little time capsule for you to read one day: to remember just how much we do now and always will love you and of course a few of the amusing things you have done that have us all in fits of giggles so very often.

Cole Darné  it baffles my mind that you,at just three, have the best sense of humour and little character.Some little memories for you to read one day come to mind right now…

Just the other day at school you decided that clothes were just a silly idea and decided to take yours all off – this has now become a regular habit and I think you already know that when you are older you will have the perfect body to pull it off – when your teacher asked why you didn’t want to wear your clothes, you simply replied “because I want to be free” … Ahh buddy haha I think your teacher battled to hide her laughter.

Already having the ultimate ball skills, little pumpkin, you go to soccer and don’t feel it’s necessary to listen to the coach – who has to fetch you at least ten times a lesson from the other side of the field. Whilst everyone else is trying to kic the ball, you come back from your little venture, hit it with a stick then go sit on it, kicking the ball just comes to easy to our little treasure .. And yet buddy, despite your mischievousness,  your coach adores you! Because Cole you will just look at him wrinkle that nose and say “but it’s fun”.

You have a complete obsession with dinosaurs and particular with the T-Rex! Sometimes in that  little mind I think you think you are one! Your Aunty Debs and I were watching a dinosaur movie with you one day and you told us that a big “colenado” was coming with “comets”, when we told you it was a “volcano” you were adamant that there was nothing of the sort… It was a “colenado” and that was that!

Your funny and naughty daddy has taught you that when someone asks you what our president is you say a “useless moron” you also blame this useless moron for turning off the lights. You think a fly  should be called a “bloody fly”  – which they should as they are so bloody annoying. You have also decided you don’t eat ‘shit bread’, only the nice bread your amazing mom makes you! These little dude , are swear words so you really shouldn’t say them at 3, but you my precious Cole are so cute that none of us can say a word or tell you not to swear – instead we just erupt in giggles.

Your adorable habits our precious boy, are the things you do like :

Wrinkling that little nose when you are thinking
Saying to your mommy and daddy out of the blue “I love you”
You give loads of hugs and cuddles
You will share any toys or sweets ( not many kiddies do this )
And you think your mom is so perfect – which she is – that she is giving you Jesus as a little brother!

Because we live far away I only have a few close close memories for now but your mom and dad tell us lots of your funny and cute antics so I am writing those down to! Plus in just a month we will be living a few minutes away from you, so I think I may have to buy a couple of notebooks – you are far to entertaining for me to full only one!

Buddy just the other day at school your friend  – a little girl, thought your apple looked really nice. So in your precious little way you took a huge bite and gave it to her. Already a little charmer our handsome guy.

Those are a few for now buddy, I’m going to write a little more to you later on this year, when I have a few more memories to share.

Today dearest Cole, at your birthday party, I can’t wait to see you run around and play with your friends. Getting all dirty and eating chocolates ( which you don’t do often ) having a  sugar drunk rush and opening pressies, and then telling us when you are so tired you can hardly see and are walking sideways, that you are ” never ever going to sleep… Ever”!

PS Your mommy and daddy have made today extra special for you with a pirate party! Wow … They love you so much buddy you are one lucky guy and in return you give them such joy as  you are an angel child.

One day you are going to know the most precious gift they have given you on this birthday is the news of the impending arrival, in just a few months, of another little dude – your little brother, who is going to be your bestest friend in the whole world. You will fight, you will upset each other, you may not even like each other some times but at the end of the day when you are sad or want to share a little secret or you just want to laugh and giggle and get up to mischief, there is nothing better in the world then having a brother to do this with.

Through life you are going to learn that family is the most important thing in the world and just how lucky you are to have been born into a family where we are all best friends! Family Parolie, is the most amazing gift.

Our little guy, we wish you a happy happy happy birthday. Our prayer for you is that our Heavenly Daddy protects you and keeps you safe and healthy and happy always. He loves you more then all of us put together, and that is a lot as we love you more then there are fish in the sea and higher then the moon in the sky! He will always be there for you little buddy, so chat to him often and tell him what you want ( just not chocolates or toys … your mom told him not to  give those gifts as she wants you happy and healthy and not too spoilt  ).He will instead give you the gifts of love and peace and happiness and of knowing that you are never alone. We pray our little dude that God will give you the most incredible life. You are destined for amazing things and if you keep Him close you will achieve all of these things and more. Hey buddy you may even be our president one day, and definitely not a useless moron!

So Cole Darné,  again happy third birthday. Your aunties, pops and goggo are even up from Johannesburg to see you to celebrate (it’s also just an excuse to see out favourite little boy in the world) we can’t wait to live so close to you and not in horrible joburg!

You dearest Cole are loved more then you know by all of us, you melt our hearts and fill our lives with joy and laughter.

Thank you buddy for being that little ray of sunshine, our pot of gold, our little perfect and a blessing from Jesus (not your little brother) but rather the real one, who made you perfect as perfect can be, with a little help from your mom and dad.

Happy birthday our buddy.

We love you always and forever, infinity and beyond and more then anything

Your Aunties

Debs and Jojo (Becky)