Reeva Steenkamp last interview just seven days before her untimely death on her relationship with Oscar pistorius.. Get it in the Heat tomorrow


Reeva Steenkamp conducted her last interview just seven days before her untimely death. In this interview she highlighted her annoyance with the press and their handling of her relationship with Oscar. Read for more..

Reeva Steenkamp tells South Africa’s heat Magazine “I don’t want lies about us to ruin our relationship” 7 days before her death.

(Thursday, 21 February 2013) Reeva Steenkamp spoke of her concern that “lies” could ruin her relationship with Oscar Pistorius in an interview with heat Magazine days before her death.

The South African model spoke glowingly about her new romance with Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius, saying how much she “respects and admires” him. But she told how she feared that negative publicity could prove damaging to Oscar’s career on the track. She confessed: “We haven’t been talking to the media because I don’t want to get it tainted. I don’t want anything coming in the way of his career. He’s such an amazing athlete.” She added: “You know what they do, they make things up, ‘Reeva cheats on Oscar’ and rubbish like that. “I wouldn’t want lies about us jeopardising it.”

Reeva also told how she wanted to move away from bikini shoots and become known for classier work. In the interview with heat Magazine, Reeva said: “I’m trying to work on my modelling career and remove myself from the whole FHM stigma. I want to be seen as a classic model.”

heat South Africa editor, Andre Neveling, says: “Our publication had a very good relationship with both Oscar and Reeva, and as a couple they agreed to do an exclusive cover shoot with heat in April. During this candid one-on-one with heat 7 days before her death, Reeva opened up for the first time about her blossoming romance.”

The full interview with Reeva is published in heat Magazine, on shelf Friday 22 February.


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