How easy is it to change a life …

I am at heart a sporty girl although having grown up with an ex-Spingbok rugby player as a father, my interests have always been more focused on rugga, cricket and other much loved and “popular” SA sports.

Over the past few weeks i have been working in conjunction with Outsource Africa on hospitality for AFCON – a great opportunity which has opened my eyes and led to my new found and keen interest in Football. Eyes wide open, I now realise that THIS is the sport which brings ALL South Africans, from all “walks and talks” of life, together – in a happy, optimistic and Rainbow nation styled way!

I also have a love for all things charitable and for people who actually DO something about the poverty stricken and uneducated South African children, who are our future.

If my words don’t have an impact… hopefully these pictures will …


Marcus Mcgilvray brought his organisation, Whizzkidsunited, to my attention a while back and I have been meaning to write about this incredible team for ages! Combining sport and charity is right up there on my bucketlist and these guys have achieved it. However as with all chairties they require funds and things to continue the great work that they do.

if you are reading this post and your heart strings are tugged a little by Whizzkids United mission there are so  many ways you can assist.

So here is a little about what they do and further on the ways you can help… from supplying basic shelving to internships!

Whizzkids United

WhizzKids United is a youth oriented initiative that uses football as the medium in which to educate the South African youth about HIV prevention, care, treatment and support.

Kwazulu -Natal has a rate of HIV/AIDS, of between 20 – 60% in newborn babies in Kwa-Zulu Natal! These stats make it the current epi-centre of the HIV epidemic globally!

Taking the sport that our youth possesses an avid interest and amazing talent for, Whizzkids United runs 4 programmes, which interlink to sustain and educate our youth. Whilst at the same time nurturing their talents and keeping them entertained and away from the streets.

Read about each programme below:

How easy is it to change a life… one click and you can change a child’s future today


At the moment Whizzkids United is in need of 10 simple shelving systems like the ones seen on this site  . If you are know of anyone who can supply these please contact Marcus or call +27-83-231 3690.






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