Predator vs, Prey – Dating in the modern world

hunt·er noun /ˈhən(t)ər/ 
A person searching for something

prey verb /prā/
A person who is vulnerable to distressing emotions or beliefs

So, I write this post to explore the age-old and still, in this "modern era" very vaild truth that men and woman are both generally hunters as opposed to the two extremes of being either predatory or totally withdrawn.
Alas man'has this annoying notion that their need to seek a mate has been seriously frustrated by some modern day women who have grown up overly liberated with no clue as to how to respond to a man who presents himself in an honest and genuine fashion, girls let's admit it's a vice versa situation! Although, it is true that the both sexes are accustomed to being pressured predators, the irony being that they are turned-off by those kind and gentle indiviuals whom they should really want.
As a result, divorce rates are higher, people get married later on and a vow in a Church is much like a compliemnt given after 10 tequila's .... null and void!
Lets delve deeper into the world of Predator vs. Prey. Just for a chuckle and those of you still in denial!   

Happy Hunting:
There is a theory that all men have a need to hunt and women are the happiest when hunted. Lets call this an Epic fail in the 21st century!
Since modern technology has relieved men of the kind of hunting that involves shooting wild game for supper or tracking down enemies who encraoch upon THEIR territory, they have found other ways to try and work out this natural drive.
As a result, most of us are constantly on the prowl for the next gadget a.k.a person that will catch our fancy.  Some satisfy themselves with accumulating as many riches and belongings as possible. Others get off on the applause of the crowd. Still others find satisfaction in searching for that treasure or, as my father was so inclined, that person they "see once" and know they are the ONE.
On the lighter side, there are those who are delighted when a long sought for trophy appears to fill an empty space in a collection or a sports car that has been longed is suddenly located in the garage or perhaps a pair of Jimmy Choo's you have been eyeing out in the window goes on sale at 90% less.
On the darker side, there are those who fulfill their need to hunt by going after a possesion and destroying everyone and anyone who stands in their way.
Would we ever have become familiar with Moby Dick had it not been for Captain Ahab's need to hunt the mighty whale down and kill it? My theory is men should STILL be the hunters and the woman the hunted - I wont be calling us prey, as every feminist around will probably be pointing a shotgun in my direction. 

Lets look at how things should roll i.e. Men Stalking Illusive Prey...
Of course, the one type of hunting that all males have in common is in regard to the female of the species, like a Tyranosourus Rex, they will not look twice at any "woman" that is to willing to sacrifice herself up to them freely.
Their saliva only begins to flow when the victim of desire is perceived to be all that they prefer when it comes to beauty, personality, intelligence, and sexuality (not necessarily in that order) and is somewhat illusive as well.
Once they have her in their sites, it only takes careful aim and one pull of the trigger to graze her just enough to get her full attention.
From then on, they seek only to capture her alive and take her home where she can be caged in theirlove forever.Most likely along with the rest of their trophy collection.

Men are hunters.
So, when viewed from a male's perspective, their need to hunt is a necessary part of their nature.  When you think about it; no wonder men are thought of as "wolves" and refer to their women as dear.Whoever the guy was who changed the spelling from "deer" to "dear," should be commended for his cleverness in concealing the real motivation behind their favorite prey. Like wolves stalking a deer in the thicket, They relish the hunt.

They even Plan the Hunt... 
Furthermore, this explains why men must have a plan when seriously seeking a mate.Pity they feel our only effort in the game is limited to making oursleves look attractive as the prey, men seem to work out every detail when going about the business of woman hunting - how often do you hear the term " A woman's instinct?" Yes we know about "The plan" as soon a sthe hunt begins.
Man's Ridiculous Notion of How We Want to be Hunted...
The man's"plan" generally involves dressing nicely and smelling good - apparently for our pheremones. It also includes the kind of car they drive (sometimes borrowed and always with aHUGE keyring), the size of their bank account ( because we woman seem to have uncanny abilities to hack in and view all account balances), identifying those places where the kinds of females they desire are to be found (depending on what type of meal they require), and taking part in activities they would otherwise have no interest in if not for the presence of women (dancing, ice-skating, watching brothers & Sisters).  
Whereas we women enjoy getting together with our own kind to share our experiences with men,guys share ideas with other males that have more to do with using the right bait and setting the traps so that they will be more effective. Typiaclly they also throw in a lot of bravado and bragidocia that they cannot resist, nor do they believe it when hearing it from another guy.They say things to each other like "Can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em."  Of course, though, the emphasis is on the "can't live without 'em" part. 
The funny part is the Hunter is Really the Hunted....
Most men are aware that there is a certain truthfulness to the statement that "a man chases a woman until she catches him." 
They do we delight in the chase regardless of what we woman may or may not do to assist in the hunt.No matter what a woman does or says, it is still apparentyly up to us to give them the sense that they are the mighty hunters. No wise woman would disuade this from them as they value most the prey that is not so easy to catch.  
I suppose this is just a theory. In  my experience all too true! No matter how in love a man is with a woman give him little or no attention and he will be a slobbering puppy at your door, show your feelings and he will be like a Beagle on the chase of another scent. I am afraid a girl who relates to this and even though I don't hunt... the hunter must prove elusive and have a game planned to outwit the wittiest and of course be ready for the Hunt of his life :). The hunter that catches me will be allowed to place me as a trophy on his mantle piece as long as I am the only one - and I will never try escape. Snares have caught me but oh to easy to get out of.
At the end of the day I think we are all in it for one thing - someone out their to aim for the heart and hope that they hit the mark.

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