With a click of your mouse donate to an African girls education and future


How easy has the web made it for us to contribute to an African school girls education? By a simple click of your mouse,  Join My Village will send $1 to women and girls in Malawi, one of the world’s most densely populated and least developed countries.

Throughout 2011, Join My Village is giving viewers different opportunities to engage with female empowerment by clicking, texting or watching videos on its site. The companies supporting the initiative believe these easy digital interactions will increase awareness and combat global poverty.

This social model combines the power of an informed citizenship with major corporate donations.  While click-to-donate campaigns aren’t necessarily new, it’s a nice touch to have that one click — in this case, a monthly video — showing just how that click will be put to use.

General Mills and Merck, the companies funding the campaign, pledged to contribute up to $900,000 to CARE by the end of December. The Click-to-Commit campaign has already raised more than $700,000 for CARE. The companies are matching additional user donations at a dollar-for-dollar amount.   Each month gives viewers a new educational token opportunity, stemming from Join My Village’s mission to help girls. The month of July offers the “Token of Sisterhood,” celebrating the shared experience of women, fighting for equality around the world.  See other ways you can do good online beyond donating.

Click here to join My Village and Click-to-Commit http://www.joinmyvillage.com/Home.aspx



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