My Sister, My Heroine, My Friend….

When I was younger than I am today, much, much younger
The news of your coming struggle was a puzzle
It was quite small then
Today it is one of the most significant and inspirational things I have

My heart was young and I felt your pain
As I got older the more it became
I wished it away, I simply had to pray
Although it isn’t here the way it used to be, it lurks silently

I want to free you, I want to be with you
I want to hold, hug and comfort you
I want to call out to the world and show them you
I want to give the world your hope.

My sister, my heroine, my friend
My Sunshine, my moonlight bright
This journey will have no end, it will be an eternity of hope
My Sister

In the depths of my heart I have loved no one more
In the darkness of my day, I light it with you
IN the midst of my every moment, I hope
My Sister, Hope shines from you


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