Lie Down You Might Be Tired …. Lie Down It Might Be Your Miracle

“Our stories come from our lives and from the playwright’s pen, the mind of the actor, the roles we create, the artistry of life itself and the quest for peace.” – Maya Angelou

My favourite poet and an apt quote, Maya.
In this pandemic when the playwrights pen seems to write in permanent ink worse news everyday.

When there seems to be no light in the darkness and we all feel as though we are drowning just below the surface of the water; unable to make that final pull to achieve that breath we so desperately need.

In these times of fear, trepidation, anxiety, panic.
In this pandemic which has turned the world upside down and inside out.

We do all seek one thing, peace.
Peace for ourselves, our loved ones.
Peace for strangers losing family and friends daily.. minute by minute some by second.

It does feel as though we are actors on a stage. The play a horror story a nightmare that feels there will be no happy ending.

The only thing I can say during this time, if you have a loved one who is terribly ill.
Who won’t recover and be the same.

If you are praying for a miracle, for healing, for life, for God to just restore your love.

Remember that sometimes that miracle, that healing and restoration is leaving this earth to spend forever with God.
Healthy, happy and waiting for you to join them in eternity.

Jojo b musings


Starting Again Another Year Clear Debbie Bayvel, My Legend Sis (Well 30 Years Later Really As A Hero); As Tough As It Has Been, God Is Good My Little One…

Photo Credit – Jules Morgan Photography 

As you approach your 39th birthday my darling Debs, I would never have thought that writing this a year later we would all STILL be struggling a little with one of over 100 battles you my darling angel sis, has endured over the past 30 years in your journey of victory over the dreaded ‘C’. BUT my little one you are ALIVE and can you believe you weren’t  meant to live beyond 11! God kept His promise.


Debs I share your story again on my blog as I have yet to write your book,  my anxiety is little bit of bad (I am under construction) and the book is a long work in progress (why you had do have so many operations and so much treatement I don’t know :p ) but whilst we wait on that, let’s hope these snippets will inspire other family members of and individuals who, are fighting any disease. AGAIN CANCER CAN BE BEATEN… no terminal prognosis is a death sentence with Hope, Faith & loads of Love.

PS my sis…


How wonderful my little one that everyday is a new, exciting and beautiful opportunity to heal and bask in the victory and a subtle peace that only our Heavenly Father can provide.

You beat the disease after a torturous 11/12 year battle and you were clear for eighteen years and after a little ‘mishap’ last year, now again we start the journey and you are a year in remission again… that was the last chapter of your book and now you live your life so that I can write a most poignant, deserved and beautiful epilogue to your book “Against All Odds.”

BTW … being the one chosen to do so is so humbling.


For Debs Full LONG and BEAUTIFUL Story please see my OLD blog post here ….

For last years story I have done a copy and paste below…


This blog entry has been one I have been meaning to write for a little while now. It is an update on our Debs and is but an nth of her lifes’ tale.

I guess it has taken this long as the pain, heart ache and trauma have yet to wear off, and even though we have another happy ending… it’s still something our family; and especially my darling, beautiful sister Debs, never thought we would have to endure again. This was by far the worst experience we have had in your journey, even though you were ‘supposed’ to die at 11 and are now 38.

My heart aches and tears flow freely as these words are typed. But I will write it my angel, for those fighting the battle against Cancer who need to know what the power of Faith in our Heavenly Daddy and strength of mind against any dire and terminal medical diagnosis can achieve. Again and again as you have proved for 28 years, CANCER can be BEATEN.

Be Still

Most of all my angel sister I write this for you and for God…For another miracle He performed  for your life saved again for having our daughter and sister still with us…


My sister, my legend, my muse, my hero, my stability and the ying to my yang, my better half. I honestly thought that the book I was to write about your amazing, miracle filled life story “Against All Odds”, had its final chapter completed 17 years ago even though you have had many major and minor complications which followed your 11 year battle. What we didn’t know and perhaps even why, was that God had another plan and I was not meant to finish this book until the epilogue was finally ready to be written and  my love, knowing how much He adores you and just how much you deserve, it is going to be a more beautiful ending then what any of us can anticipate. What we do know is that the final chapter has been penned in His book if Life.

My little one, here we go again another story from the life of a girl who amazes me each and every single day.

What an exciting start to our 2016, which quickly turned into something out of a Stephen King novel ( big eyes and a shake of the head with a grin). Sitting chatting in our favourite place with our Momsy and Pops – Madikwe, surrounded by the tranquil and magnificent African bushveld in an oasis our Dad has so graciously blessed us with being able to go to – being the closest of close families we are, we decided on a wim that we would all move to Cape Town. We wanted to be closer to our other part and older sis Bronni, brother-in-law Bruce, our adorable nephew Cole and soon to be but now 4 month old other little poppet of a nephew Cade. Dad had just retired, we work for ourselves and Johannesburg was no longer safe, we wanted out of the concrete jungle. We booked our flights, rented our house, sent our furniture and cars and on April the 1st we would be living our new lives in the beautiful Mother City.

Ha! April Fools it was. But sadly the joke never ended that day…

What started off with Debs feeling ill and having what we all thought was a bleeding ulcer turned into a tumultuous two month nightmare. If I get dates wrong, it is because the days seemed to all blend into one another during this time… but I will try.

Due to go in for a Gastroscope on Friday the 26th of Feb, we decided that instead of waiting we would rush our little Debs, who was pale and incredibly weak to Sunnighill Hospital on the Wednesday evening. I don’t think that anyone will understand how I can say this when Debs has been through what we will believe is ENOUGH, but God was opening a door that night to ensure that this precious girl would be kept safe and left in the best surgeons hands. Mom, dad and I waited in casualty, whilst the man and surgeon, who would become the one we knew we could trust with Debs’ life and a source of side splitting laughter on the darkest of days, examined our angel. Dr Leslie Fingleson –  head of trauma at Sunninghill and a BRILLIANT surgeon –  or ‘Uncle Les’ as he quickly became known due to each of us calling him some absurd version of his surname far too many times ( I even had to google his ‘real’ name now), booked Debs in and decided to do a Gastroscope the following day. Her hemoglobin levels were low and something was not right.

We call it a miracle and are again amazed at how our God works, as when Uncle Les did the scope, both ends, he discovered no source for the bleed. He did however find a hernia and decided that where Debs had had her hemi-pelvictomy ( one of the many body parts Debs has had removed), he would operate and remove the hernia and place pigs skin as a graft, around the area where Debs bowels were not covered by bone and caused her discomfort. Ahh Uncle Les .. Orthodox and using pigs skin, we even had a giggle at that

Still in hospital, brightening up the days of everyone around her, smiling, laughing, praying and being her incredible brave self, Debs went in for her 59th major operation.Two hours later Les came to find my Mom, Dad, Aunty Carol and myself in the canteen. First Debs our shining star had made it through the operation but had had a bad reaction to the anesthetic and her systolic blood pressure level had nearly dropped to the point of having to be put on a respirator. And then with just a few words uttered; words we thought we would never hear again… our worlds were about to be shaken up and our hearts broken again… tumour, strange looking cells, thickened colon…Cancer. 17 years free of that dreaded noose, and it was back strung tighter then ever.

Never one to not give us a sign that he loves Debs so very much and that his eye is always on this tiny sparrow, we did have a miracle during this operation. Les was going to in from the front to perform the procedure and at the last minute flipped Debs onto her back and went in through an old scar… if he hadn’t have done this, the tumour would have not have been found until it was perhaps to late.

But again the journey we have all endured, most especially Debs, had started again and the road ahead was filled with more bumps, cures and potholes than we could have thought possible.

Bronni our precious older sis and the one that makes up the third part of our whole, who was very pregnant, Bruce our incredibly caring and kind brother-in-law and Cole our nephew, flew straight to Johannesburg. One thing I can say is that as a family, we are not perfect and we fight and argue as any other family does, however our lives experiences have brought us so close together and it is something to be cherished and something so beautiful, that we can pull together and love each other so very much in times of tragedy and triumph. Misfortunes so often bring hidden blessings, that we just need to open our eyes and hearts, to find.


Tests were done on the area Uncle Les had removed and it was determined that it was an Adenocarcinoma – a malignant tumour formed from glandular structures in epithelial tissue. another grotesque invasion of Debs tiny body. This time totally unrelated to ‘Her’ Cancer which was Ewings Sarcoma, it is thought that this Adenocarcinoma may have been caused by all the radiation on Debs pelvis, treatment that kills a disease and does not stop working in your body for up to twenty years, which means it can eventually cause the same disease it sets out to destroy. The irony is not lost on any of us and  let it be known it is not lost on the Doctors either.

It was  then decided that after undergoing  further tests to ensure this malignancy had not spread, Uncle Les would need to do another operation to remove my angel sisters right colon, her appendix and the pigs skin. Despite other surgeons insisting my folks and Debs go see an oncologist for a second opinion and perhaps chemotherapy and radiation, Debs’ wanted her days of thunderstorms over, as one cancer cell left in a body can travel as fast as lightening and strike wherever it pleases. So we prepared for another major operation. At this time my poor older sis, Bronni had to fly back to Cape Town due to the stage in her pregnancy and my heart aches for her as I cant even understand how much she struggled being apart from us during this time. She is a loving nurturer by nature and even took on the role as my second mom growing up when my amazing momma would sleep on a chair for weeks on end next to Debs hospital bed.13255964_10157020591265201_6519616408726709034_n.jpg

Mom, dad, myself and Aunty Carol – moms older sister, and the ying to her yang who was never apart from us – became our Debs face to face support system, well us, and the one we cannot possibly compete with, our Daddy up above. And of course support came in with face time calls everyday from our Bronni and nephew and moms third part and other sis Sandi and our Uncle Steve Amoils ( both Doctors in America ). So many other amazing people visited I cannot even name them all … clients of mine, Aunty Dee, our dearly departed Fergie. Whatspp chat groups and prayer chains were started and updated daily  and even when we didn’t respond to people, as you just sometimes cannot do when your mind is in that state of chaos, the love and prayers kept on coming…. Our Debs is well and truly adored and living with her I know why.

And so before this next surgery, to make sure that this dreaded disease had not crept in to her lymph nodes and liver we first had to go for CT scans and before this they have to inject a fluid to make the ‘resolution higher’ in simple terms . My beautiful Debs has very few surface veins left after having so much chemotherapy in her lifetime, and this day remains so poignantly etched in my mind, as I yet again watched nurses and doctors prod my sisters tiny body in search of a simple vein to inject fluid. I glanced down at my hands wishing I could give her just one of mine.. and yet she remained brave and strong and kind to these people. My Debs you astound me. As she was wheeled into that room and placed under a cold, metal machine  which would tell the tale of her fate, my mom said to me and my aunt ” They will Look and they will not See”.. not from her mouth but a quiet whisper in her soul from God. Yet again we had peace that belies all earthly understanding and they did look and did not see anything! We were going ahead with the operation and nothing more had to be removed.

With one car left in Johannesburg, no Winter clothing (I think we now have shares in the Pink n Pay clothing department) and living 45 minutes from the hospital in no traffic, dad and I began what would eventually make up approximately 160 trips to the hospital as there was not one moment of the day we did not want to be there during visiting hours and when we left all we wanted to do was go home and not see anyone, even if we had to drive into the garage, reverse and leave again. My beautiful selfless mom slept on a chair next to her child’s’ bed as often as she could when Debs was not in ICU.

On the 9th of March, a very scared and incredibly emotionally and physically exhausted family sat in a hospital room with a girl going in for her 60th major operation after she nearly didn’t make it through the previous one.Our daughter, sister, friend and angel on this earth was smiling but also a little nervous. Would this be the last time we saw her? Would this be a final goodbye to my best friend in the world? I don’t even know how to put into words how we all felt and I simply cannot even fathom how Debs felt… tears stream again and these memories return…

And yet God placed His hand on all of us again, we were all somehow distracted, Debs was rushed into theater and Uncle Les, who by now had become emotionally attached to this little fighter, came to find us again in the canteen, before she was even in recovery – we love this man – and told us she was FINE! The operation was successful and the Cancer was gone. Tears of relief flowed especially from my fathers eyes… I will not forget that sight. Again this man who has protected us and saved us girls from everything even our own mistakes, had felt so helpless in not having anything within his reach to help his baby girl , his daughter and she was okay…. well for three days anyway.

Off the topic a little but importantly and a little reason I am updating people, is that even with modern technology and cellphones and social media updates we still have broken telephone syndrome and many people think Debs still has Cancer, she doesn’t, YET AGAIN SHE BEAT IT… Debs you legend!  And Father God thank you for saving my sister again.


We took our Debs home on that Friday and on Saturday, her and I spent a lovely day together, with our precious pooches , watching our favourite TV shows, with her lugging around a vacuum pump to close the wound on her tummy –  another long scar, an open wound, a small infection; in this heroes life these are the tiny things, the things that in our lives would be major. But by Sunday morning our frail and beautiful Debs was in agony. Debs has the highest pain threshold of anyone I know, she has had bone removed without anesthetic and on this day she was  screaming and shouting in agony. I cannot imagine the pain she was in, as a sore throat for me is enough to keep me in bed for a week. We prayed, we gave Debs painkillers, we tried to get her to sleep, but by that evening she was still in sheer agony and near collapsing and we again rushed her to Sunninghill Clinic. The next five weeks would be the worst of our lives.

Debs was booked in and my mom again stayed with her, dad and I drove home both silently lost in despair.By that Wednesday after three days of pure agony with no respite or sleep, our little treasure was booked into ICU. Debs is more OCD then any of us with cleanliness, and we can all be pretty bad, and that morning when dad and I arrived she did not even want to brush her teeth. My heart broke, as this to me who knows my sister so well, was a sign that she had had enough and that the end was near. Debs is my life, my heart and losing her would be like losing half of my physical body and my soulmate.We were all shattered and at to this day I do not know how Debs had made it through those last four days in so much pain – you will understand her sheer determination and strength a little further on, when we discovered what was wrong.

The reason for being taken into ICU was to have her fed TPN through a central line, be looked after 24 hours a day and be given morphine to take away the pain. Uncle Les also thought Debs may have had a blockage – this would be where the colon was joined back to the small intestine and would mean no food or water could pass through and is pretty common with bowel operations. Nothing common for our Debs though. X-Rays showed no blockage and so we had to wait five weeks for the inflammation in the bowels to ‘go down’ to make sure this operation had worked. I think at this stage Uncle Les was flummoxed as he could not even give us a reason as to why Debs was in pain, or if she would be okay and quite honestly what the problem was.


Three times a day we would visit my sister, awake and conscious surrounded by people in coma’s and terrible states. Three people passed away whilst Debs was there and watching their family’s grieve or seeing people after accidents, paralyzed and broken; how grateful we were that Debs was alive and if a few pieces less… still wholly with us.

And yet, its okay to also say I cannot understand how desperate and sad Debs felt, this fighter, this angel, lying in a bed in agony surrounded by death and disease and not knowing if she was going to make it…. I don’t think we will ever understand what she felt.

For those five weeks, there were many nights and often times during the day, when we were not with her, when we thought we would get a call from ICU… telling us that Debs was gone and in Heaven. Yet, she survived five weeks of pure pain, sheer gut wrenching pain and we know that she did this with her fighting heart and strong mind. But more than that she did this with the comfort and strength of Jesus. I do not judge people on race or religion and believe one must just be happy in their own walk. I  will not however ever deny my Faith and neither will my family because of the miracles we have seen in our sister and daughters life, and not only that… the peace and comfort you get from having someone to lean on, an ever omni-present Father who gives you peace when you are terrified and hope when you are hopeless. This love and peace and Faith got us all, especially Debs, though this time. So before we go onto op number 61…..

I remember praying that night until the  morning and opening my Bible on Psalm 91 and amazing and unbelievable as this sounds, my Debs opened her Bible on that scripture to …. these things make me gaze upwards and smile. As imperfect a person as I am my Redeemer still gives me Hope and Love and Peace.
1 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
2 I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust.”
3 Surely he will save you
from the fowler’s snare
and from the deadly pestilence.
4 He will cover you with his feathers,
and under his wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
5 You will not fear the terror of night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
nor the plague that destroys at midday.
7 A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you.
11 For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;
12 they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
13 You will tread on the lion and the cobra;
you will trample the great lion and the serpent.
14 “Because he[b] loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
15 He will call on me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble,
I will deliver him and honor him.
16 With long life I will satisfy him
and show him my salvation.”

After these five weeks, Uncle Les eventually said that after Debs had had no bowel movement he had to ‘go in’ and investigate. This was on a Tuesday –  again a shattered and broken family sat in a hospital canteen not knowing if we would see our angel again and yet again Uncle Les came to find us… and with teary eyes himself he said ” someone is looking after that child”, Debs small intestines were stuck to the pigs skin ( I may not have the full medical jargon correct here) however the agony that she was in, we all now realised was beyond what the Doctors or anyone can comprehend. Les bypassed this area and rejoined the small intestine to the bowel.


On that Wednesday whilst Debs and I were praying in ICU, we said with our God we were going to get her out of ICU by the Friday and home by the Sunday. This was a crazy dream as bowel ops take up to a year to heal! Guess what though… on Friday Debs was in a ward and after our girls night sleepover on Saturday, where I slept on a chair next to her bed and as this clumsy little sister would do, took her bed off of its brakes by mistake and in my non princess-like way I sleep, kicked the bed  and nearly sent Debs out the window off the 3rd floor of the hospital and straight back into ICU! Uncle Les walked in on Sunday morning and said ” Would you like to go home Debs?”. It might have been seeing me their and worrying that I would send more patients to his trauma unit, but a bigger part of me knows it was again an answered prayer and a miracle.


Just a week later Debs was up and walking and eating basically what she wanted and we made our move, 7 dogs and all, to Cape Town reunited with our other sis, Bruce, little Cole and my adorable new nephew and Godson Cade, who just had to come into this world a little early to make us all smile and me a little broody…


No it has not been plain sailing. Debs wounds are still not fully healed and her lymph is not draining in her leg. Countless visits to amazing nurses in Cape Town have happened and our family is struggling a little with this trauma.


I look at my amazing folks and cannot understand what they have felt like dealing with a ‘sick’ child for most of 28 years. It must be so hard and heart breaking and at times they must just feel so helpless … they are beautiful and handsome and so very special but I can see how this has aged and affected their souls and hearts. They have given us the most amazing lives in-spite of the fact that I am sure it has not always been easy for them to do. They love us equally and they devote their lives to us. They are role models as husband and wife and as mother and father…. giving their all and taking so little back in return. Thank you Bronni for giving them such precious and adorable grand-kids who they adore and who adore them back. It is a gift you have managed to give back to them for all they have done for us.I hope to one day pay them back in some way too.


I have grown up and changed a lot – my anxiety and panic attacks are at an all time high and I spend many nights awake and in tears and days where I freeze I terror at the thought of doing simple things or that something will happen to one of the people I love.  I know I  still make mistakes and will never be perfect but my heart is back to the place where God wants it, in a place where I yearn to help those in need. I am back to the person I was as a young girl, filled with love and a gentleness of nature which is a gift I was born with to give back to others. Where I want to fall in love and give all of me and my heart to my own family – preferably whilst my pops can still walk me down the aisle.


And our Debs even as you battle with physical attributes that you think no one could ever love you with – YOU ARE AMAZING AND WORTHY OF MORE LOVE THAN ANYONE. My beautiful, yet again you  have shown yourself to be a hero, a legend, a Warrior Princess; Beautiful beyond words on the inside and the outside. You are the epitome of what each and every person should aspire to be.Fearless and Brave – Loving and Sensitive.

As we collect your medical records now from 28 years , from hospitals all over this country and even America. I am excited to write this book, a story of hope, courage, Faith, bravery and my sis I am so proud that the person, the muse for this book is my very own sister and best friend. “Against All Odds” my darling sister, you have done it again and through this you have again proved  that your past, your upbringing, what happened before and the pain endured does not need to determine your future or leave you an old and bitter person. You have shown that you become what you want to become and that you can be a better person not because of, but in-spite what you have been through. Your story has meant we have a family so close and loving that we are never alone. It has meant that we are all blessed with a Faith in God and the gift of eternal life, as we have seen miracles in your life which cannot be explained through rational thought, science or just plain mind power.

And to our Heavenly Daddy, you said “Be Still and Know” and as I end this entry, as tears pour down my cheeks I know that I can still smile and be bubbly and courageous tomorrow and always, as you have shown us that you are more than a conqueror. You are our everything and we adore you.  Thank you for letting us keep our Heavenly angel on earth so we can share her story and your glory ….




John Waller – snippet of his Biography, battle and victory over depression through Jesus , and one of his songs from “Fireproof” the movie

I am a “strong” Christian…. never believe when someone says that they are faultless and sinless because they are “believers” believe me we all sin everyday in varying degrees. The most poignant thing about John Waller’s testimony is his triumph over what the medical world describes as an incurable mental disease “Bi-Polar” … he was healed of this almost dramatically and has take a turn for God in his life to worship, honor and share our Father’s amazing love with the world. No judgement just love. If he can be cured of manic depression my anxiety and any of you out their suffering with mental “disorders” as doctors would say, their is not only hope of healing their is proof. Its just a matter of asking and believing, praying and serving.

John Waller

John Waller Biography from Facebook Page … click here to like 

From his early days leading the critically acclaimed band According to John to his impactful ministry as a solo artist, John Waller has continually used his gifts as a singer and songwriter to inspire, educate and encourage the body of Christ. With such powerful songs as “The Blessing” and “While I’m Waiting,” Waller articulates what it means to live a God-centered life in a turbulent world.

He continues to do so on his new album, “As For Me and My House” a potent collection of songs buoyed by Waller’s insightful songwriting and compelling voice. “I don’t think I could write a record in any less than a year or two years because you really have to walk with the Lord and you have to experience life and allow the Lord to teach you something. The title track is, to me, the heart of this record,” Waller says of “As For Me and My House”, which joyfully declares “we belong to the Lord, and we will not give our hearts to another.”

“I’ve been parallel to the children of Israel in a lot of ways,” Waller says of his life. “I suffered with depression for so many years. I was in bondage for years and then the Lord set me free about seven years ago. He healed me and taught me a lot about blessing and speaking life. Many of the songs on my first solo album came out of that. The Lord has given all of us so many promises that are ours for the taking; yet there is a battle to lay hold of what God has promised us.”

A devoted husband, a loving father and a fierce believer in God’s word, Waller pours a torrent of emotion into the songs on “As For Me and My House”. “This album has promises. It’s about the clarity that comes when we remove anything that takes the place of God,” he says. “There have been a lot of idols in my life in the last couple of years—one being music. Wanting to make it and be established as a Christian artist became an idol in my life. I came to a place where I said, ‘I’m done doing that! I’m done building my kingdom, Lord I give it all to you. I just want to build your kingdom and I don’t care how that looks.'”

The talented Georgia native first caught the attention of the Christian music community as frontman for According to John. When the group disbanded, he and his wife Josee felt led to move to Colorado where they helped launch Southlink Church. Though he had given up his aspirations as a recording artist, he began writing songs at Southlink that led to new chapter in his ministry when he signed a deal Beach Street Records/Provident Music Group. His major label debut, “The Blessing,” introduced a wider audience to Waller’s music and gave him a national platform. He followed his debut solo album with “While I’m Waiting,” a powerful project that included the poignant title track, which was featured in “Fireproof,” the No. 1 independent film in 2008. Waller’s song was the only song in the film played in its entirety and its powerful message resonated strongly with audiences.

In recording “As For Me and My House”, Waller once again sought God’s direction and penned a potent collection of songs. Produced by Jason Hoard, the 11-song set is teeming with the passion and integrity that have become hallmarks of Waller’s artistry. “Jason gets what I do and we’ve been working together for so long—since According To John—and he just knows what I’m going for,” Waller says of working with the Georgia-based multi-instrumentalist. “With Jason we took each song and built it from the ground up and made sure it was built around the vocal.”

The album opens with the anthemic “Our God Reigns Here” a song Waller felt strongly about revisiting from the his previous album, which is direct spiritual warfare. “Yes” is a sonically vibrant song that reverberates with the truth of God’s goodness and positive touch on our lives. Penned by Waller, Hoard and Third Day frontman Mac Powell. “Because God is Good” is a celebration of the Lord’s grace and sovereignty. “Every believer that I know can relate to the fact that life doesn’t go the way we plan it all the time,” Waller says, “but the Bible promises all things work for the good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Things have not gone the way I thought they would go, but God has always been good to me. It’s because God is good that sometimes life doesn’t go the way we want it to go. It’s because of his goodness that he spares us from going the way we think things should.”

“Man of the Valley” is a poignant song about the challenges that help us grow. “I love mountain top experiences,” Waller says with a smile, “but my life has really been shaped in the valley. In the desert where it seems dry and it seems like God isn’t doing anything, that’s really where He’s molding me most. I speak with authority because I have been in the valley and my story has really been written in the valley.”

Among the album’s many highlights is “The Marriage Prayer,” a beautiful duet featuring John’s wife Josee. “She’s always sang with me and when we lived in Colorado, she was on my worship team. She’s done backup vocals on my records, but this is her debut singing her own,” Waller says of the song. “I adapted it from a prayer that author named Patrick Morley wrote. I changed it around and made it fit to a song format. It’s a great song and I’m excited about people hearing this one.”

“Somebody Else’s Story” is a tender prayer that captures Waller’s heart for sharing Jesus with others as he sings “I want to be a part. I want to be a part of somebody else’s story, somebody else’s story of redemption. I want to be the one to shine the light of Jesus into their darkness. Lead me to that someone I pray. Lord I want to bring you glory.”

John Waller is a talented man who continually uses his gifts to bring glory to God by encouraging fellow believers and by introducing others to the Lord he so passionately serves. “God has definitely taught me to completely live by faith and I can honestly say that my wife and I completely live by faith in everything we do,” Waller says. “God always provides. He always comes through and one of the biggest things I’ve learned is that God’s plan for each one our lives is not going to look like someone else’s. I’m an individual and unique and God has a unique plan for me. I’ve had to learn to not compare myself to someone else and it’s hard not to do that especially in this industry. You want to measure your success by what you see others doing. I’ve learned that I’ve had to let that go and know that I am successful, but I’m successful by God’s standard and not by man.”


Below is the theme song from Fireproof a phenomenal and REAL movie…. no sugar coating as well as another of my fave’s. Also here is the link to view more of John Waller’s music.

My Sister, My Heroine, My Friend….

When I was younger than I am today, much, much younger
The news of your coming struggle was a puzzle
It was quite small then
Today it is one of the most significant and inspirational things I have

My heart was young and I felt your pain
As I got older the more it became
I wished it away, I simply had to pray
Although it isn’t here the way it used to be, it lurks silently

I want to free you, I want to be with you
I want to hold, hug and comfort you
I want to call out to the world and show them you
I want to give the world your hope.

My sister, my heroine, my friend
My Sunshine, my moonlight bright
This journey will have no end, it will be an eternity of hope
My Sister

In the depths of my heart I have loved no one more
In the darkness of my day, I light it with you
IN the midst of my every moment, I hope
My Sister, Hope shines from you