Dozer Needs Your Vote – A Big Dog In A Little Body

Hi Guys,

PLEASE vote for me & share & let me know I can save you a high 5 with a “done” below”

I am Dozer, BullDozer, Big Boy, Poser.
Yip I have a lot of names my slaves call me!

I’m not so sure if they are teasing with the ‘Big Boy’ I mean I am a lapdog about the same size as a chiuhuahua 🤔

I looove chewing my moms best things not to annoy her she just buys me funny rubber things & her stuff is much crunchier & delicious.

I also just love rides in the car! I don’t understand though why people come to the window & are scared of my mom? I just want to give them licks of love!

I have to hug mom when she is driving. I just adore her.

Everywhere I go I love everything & everyone & they love me back. It’s just so awesome.

I know I’m pretty handsome for such a tiny dude so please vote for me here ps I’ll give you a high 5 I give those for eeevveerything

I don’t want to get kicked out on the first round 😳👀👀👀.

All my names together &


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