Fathers Day Dread

Fathers Day Dread

9 weeks, 1 day ago you left us for your eternal life in Heaven.

My Daddy I am only now realizing you are gone from this place forever.

Shock.Drowning. Overwhelmed. Scared.

People tell me to be strong. You were my strength.

People tell me it gets better. Everyday & night brings a physical ache worse than the one before.

I dream about you, I wait for you to visit, I see a man who looks like you I call out ‘dad’… I cry.

I miss you.

I miss your grumpy.

I miss our mischievous humour.

I miss your endlessly forgiving love.

I miss you & mom together.

I miss our forced runs.

I miss my king, my legend, my mentor, my daddy.

I miss a completed family where you were the rock.

My pops, my first & last star at night.

I love you & miss you.

Until we meet in the most beautiful place again.

I yearn for you infinity ♾ and a day.

I am ‘broken down & tired’ & I know I will ‘rise up’ until then, I will grieve a man who I fell in love with at first sight.



6 thoughts on “Fathers Day Dread

  1. My condolences for your recent loss. There is something unique about the bond between fathers and daughters. It is extraordinarily special, sacred, and beautiful. To celebrate Father’s Day my youngest daughter Alize put together a YouTube Video singing “Papa Can you hear me?” – Barbara Streisand – The song is like a prayer and really touches your soul. You can listen to it if you go on my website – https://authorjoannereed.net/happy-fathers-day/. Definitely worth a stop-over, I think it will resonate with you

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