The Beauty In Simplicity

It sometimes takes far to long to realise that being an ordinary girl with simple dreams,

A girl who simply wants to lead an ordinary life without the fancy or facades is… enough.

I do not need any books titled after me or awards etched with my name all I really want in this life is to be the best me I can be, to enjoy my family who are amazing;

But more than this, is to love another with all my heart and soul. To an ordinary girl that is simply extraordinary and pretty much enough.

Late Night Musings
JoJo Bayvel


8 thoughts on “The Beauty In Simplicity

  1. I think your misleading your followers. You say you are an ordinary girl and yet so many of your photos are so drastically retouched they almost looks like a cartoon. You are very, very thin and that doesn’t send a very positive message either.

    • Why waste your time? You probably have better more things to worry about. OK so you don’t like my opinion. But seriously, why do you do so much retouching to your photos?

      • I actually don’t – in real life I’m referred to as Barbie and I’m dealing with a dad who has cancer so true I have better things to do with my time.

      • And therein lies the problem with social media. How you’re perceived IS who you are by people who have never met you or don’t know anything more about you except what you show online. But that’s the world we live in.

        Sorry to hear about your dad.

        I’m sure I’m not the first one to write a critical comment. A thick skin in this world is important especially when one has such an vast online presence.

        I assure you, my email address is real.

      • Lol you actually are the first. Most of my 5000 followers are friends and or acquaintances or perhaps friends of friends – so I guess they know me. You have also read posts which are new. I’m incredible deep as I’ve had a sister who battled cancer for 32 years. Since I was 5.

        Then again being in the digital industry I totally get what you are saying – 90% is fake and I am regarded differently on Facebook – just not here 😘

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