Marketing Campaigns That Broke the Internet [SlideShare] 2013







As part of my passion and that thing that keeps food on the table. Digital Marketing fascinates me. How some thing go viral in a matter of minutes is beyond  comprehension.

I research and read about the tech and digital world every night via subscriptions, searches and those ‘by luck i came across this amazing link’ articles which help so much! This article is amazing and I had to share it. Thank you Hubspot for publishing it and Grégory Pouy for creating it!

Here it is.

“Do you want to break the internet?”

That’s what Grégory Pouy, founder of French digital consulting firm La Mercatique, poses in his latest SlideShare in which he breaks down the best digital campaigns of 2013.

The answer is of course (or at least presumably), “yes.” The problem is that the formula for acquiring that kind of exposure remains largely secretive.

Or at least it feels that way.

Pouy presents a peek behind that break-the-internet curtain of success with this SlideShare, sharing the most relevant campaigns of 2013 from across the globe.

For this list, Pouy sought out a mix of innovation, creativity, and differentiation in campaigns. And while he isn’t giving away the exact formula, he is sharing some of the secret ingredients these campaigns used to become so compelling.

Take a look at his selections below. While some of the content is translated, I think learning about innovative approaches to challenging campaigns — especially ones you might not have seen otherwise, given his global sample set — is the more important focus of this content. Pay particular attention to his breakdown of the challenges each campaign faced, and how they got over them:

5 Critical Takeaways From These Campaigns

  1. Don’t rely on your brand name or logo to get people interested — your content should beintrinsically interesting.
  2. Start off with an emotional bang — joy and surprise will hook a viewer from the get-go.
  3. Keep them hooked — switch between tension and relief to generate suspense.
  4. Create stories that are shareable — make it easy for others to tell your story for you.
  5. Balance shock with surprise — it’s critical you understand your audience to nail this tricky balance.

What do you think of Pouy’s campaign selections? Which campaigns had the most difficult challenges to overcome and tackled those challenges in the most innovative ways? Share your opinions below.


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