The Novel I started writing in 1995…. 16yrs ago WOW funny lil thoughts

My mom pulled this out of nowhere and I just had to add it to my blog as a memory of who I was at 13yrs old. Clearly reading books way beyond my years and with an already odd idea of love *giggle*……. BUT already my love of writing had taken its effect and this shows where my passion lies… in the dreams of writing a Novel… ONE DAY … hopefully not another 16 yrs :)… So here it a girl on the verge of adolescence and her novel… nothing changed. How much fun would a “shrink” have with this!

November 25th 1995

Skye Thomas woke up in a cold sweat. She reached over and looked at her alarm clock, it was only 3 a.m. Ever since Lawrence had left her for Candice, her best friend, she had not had one night of sleep. Her friends and family had pleaded with her to forget about him. Yet, somehow she could not, he was her One, her Only, True Love.

Skye, daughter of well-known millianoaire actor; Kid Coleman, had been married to Lawrence for over eight years. They had met at a function for child welfare. Skye had instantly fallen in love with Lawrence’s movies star looks. With his dark, prematurely graying hair, warm blue eyes and tip-top physique – he had many top earning models in love with him. For Skye the most important thing and that which attracted her most, was his wonderful personality and a quality he shared with her, an undeniable love for children. Yet they had only managed to have one child due to their buy schedules. She glanced over at him sleeping quietly in the bed beside her.

Little Tristan Lawrence Kit Thomas was the highlight of their lives. With his golden locks and his large green-blue eyes, most people seemed to think he looked exactly like Skye did when was young.She could not believe that Lawrence did not mind that he may not see his namesake and baby again. This broke her heart the most, as she had grown up in a broken home, and knew the pain and loneliness it caused. It had not affected Tristan yet, but she knew in time it would.

Skye glanced over at her clock. she had been thinking for over three hours and had to drop Tristan off at the neighbors and be at work in less than an hour. She rose out of bed and ran a bath for the two of them. She than went and woke Tristan with a mug of hot chocolate, his favourite.  This little gesture of affection from his mother always put a smile on his chubby little face, putting a warm feeling in Skye’s heart.

After they had bather, dressed and had breakfast, they climbed into Skye’s new Porsche convertible. At least we wont ever be poor she thought to herself. Yet she would trade all the money in the world to be part of a warm, caring family. The kind she had always dreamed of; a white picket fence, surrounding a beautiful farmhouse – spacious yet cosy, two dogs and most importantly a husband who really loved her and would never leave.










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