“Mom, I found a Troll” the funniest true story so sweet – I have heard EVER – read and laugh

So a friend of my cousins..mom’s sons friends mom’s son etal…. is 38 and has Down Syndrome.

A few weeks ago he came to his mom and exclaimed her in the most excited manner that he “had found a troll!!!”

Mom watching television and used to tales, took the “troll” story not so seriously and carried on watching her fave TV shows.

A few moments later the son walks in and again says ” Mom I found a troll what must I feed him?”

Now exasperated and tired of this mom replies “Cookies and Milk”…thank goodness she did.

Upon waking the next morning Mom decided the she best go check things out and to her dismay and surprise…. There duct taped and stuck in the cupboard was “The Troll” a Hurri Christiana dwarf who had been delivering his story and instead now has his own story to tell… Oh the joys of children for there Mothers lol… this is one for the record books.

Trolls leave this house alone lol
Dont feed the Troll

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