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Jojo Bayvel digital marketing services consultant south africa

Today’s digital landscape is more competitive than ever, requiring marketing leaders to execute online strategies that attract, convert, and retain more customers. Combining analytics with goal-driven methodology, I will help you benchmark your current initiatives, establish clear and realistic objectives, and create a roadmap for your success.

As your digital marketing consultant who understands the “customer journey,” I offer strategy, implementation, optimization, and training across your multi-channel marketing activity to increase visibility, traffic, and conversion — maximizing your digital marketing return on investment.


Explore how my digital marketing services and expertise can help you EVOLVE your organization contact me at

Consulting services include:

Content Marketing

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Your online content impacts the way your prospects and customers find, think, and feel about your brand.  Creative, innovative content combined with Search Engine Optimization and Social Media best practices is a killer combination that makes your business easy to find and attracts, then engages your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization

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Smart companies seeking that elusive competitive advantage online see the greatest successes with a strategy that employs optimization best practices. SEO takes into consideration search engines, social network and online news media preferences while catering to your customers’ needs. Increase your online visibility and put your brand in front of the right audience, on the right channel, at the right point in their purchasing journey with my SEO services.

Social Media Marketing

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Understanding your audience is key to your brand’s success in social media.  The B2B and B2C buying journey, from discovery to conversion, may extend over weeks or months of information gathering, consumption and for the good stuff, sharing. Put my pioneering combination of traditional marketing, search marketing and social media to work for your brand.

Email Marketing

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If you’re looking to add email marketing to part of your integrated online marketing program,  I have honed the email marketing process to create a results-driven approach to messaging, Call To Action (CTA), lead capture and conversion metrics.

Influencer Marketing

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My unique approach to influencer marketing can help you reach your target audience by building relationships with influencers who already have industry authority and credibility.

Digital Advertising

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Online advertising allows brands to reach out beyond their existing networks, to tap into new, highly targeted audiences via search, social or display ads. I ensure companies get the best ROI in social advertising through strategic planning, top quality ad creative, and ongoing campaign measurement and optimization.

Website Analytics

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Understanding the path from discovery to conversion of your customers is key in determining what changes you can make to convert more customers.  My data-driven approach will determine which metrics are most important and what actions we can take to help you convert more customers.



LinkedIn’s Q2: Revenue Up 33% From Last Year, Now Has 380 Million Users


The future is looking up for LinkedIn, which reported 33 percent year-over-year revenue growth on Thursday, as well as a 21 percent yearly jump of members, to 380 million. LinkedIn generated $712 million in Q2.

LinkedIn is also having more success generating paid users. Premium Subscriptions revenue was $128 million, an increase of 22 percent compared to the same quarter last year.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner discussed his company’s quarter:

“Q2 was a solid quarter for LinkedIn as we delivered greater member and customer value. We continue to execute against an ambitious R&D roadmap that has led to accelerated product innovation with new product rollouts throughout the remainder of this year. We also made progress working through transitions with our Talent Solutions sales force and the evolution of our Marketing Solutions business. Additionally, we have seen some early success integrating”

Other highlights from LinkedIn’s Q2, according to its press release:

  • Improved its flagship desktop and mobile product experience, leading to approximately 60% increase in year-over-year feed engagement, and search traffic growing meaningfully faster than overall member activity.
    Further connected members with professional knowledge by surpassing more than 1 million unique long-from member publishers on LinkedIn, and launched a redesigned Pulse app for iOS and Android, delivering a more personalized news experience.
  • Further focused on helping members get hired. Unique visiting members to jobs-related pages improved approximately 40% year-over-year, while the recently launched Job Search app reached more than 3 million activations from approximately 1 million during the first quarter. In addition, the number of jobs on the platform also increased to nearly 4 million from approximately 1 million last year.
  • Closed its acquisition of, adding to the LinkedIn platform 6,800 courses through 280,000 videos across five languages.

However, Wall Street was a little worried about how much of the positive movement came solely from its acquisition of After an initial 14 percent spike, LinkedIn’s share value dropped nearly 5 percent.

Even with that, Business Insider reports that many analysts feel bullish about LinkedIn’s future. Wells Fargo Securities offered a positive statement about LinkedIn’s Q2:

“We favor LNKD’s position as the leading, global professional social network, where the company’s “clean signal” identity data powers connectivity to the benefit of members, corporate recruiters, and b-to-b marketers. We believe an expanding portfolio of products and international growth opportunities provides a ramp to multiple years of double-digit revenue growth and margin and earnings expansion.”

25 Twitter Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts

It may seem like an impossible task to keep up with all the Twitter apps that have come to market as of late. Even though you have plenty of directories to help with the process, we noticed that it’s still difficult to ascertain which apps support multiple accounts.

As more and more people are using Twitter for personal and professional reasons, the demand for a Twitter client to match those multifaceted needs is rising. Here are several options to help you tweet now or later from different accounts on your desktop, via the Web, and while on the run. We’ve also included a few browser add-ons and business-specific clients to help you find the right application to suit your Twittering needs.



Nambu: A great single or mutli-column app for multiple Twitter,, and account management. Nambu also includes Twitter trends, saved searches, filters, link aggregation, and groups. Plus, if you have a Nambu account you can use to shorten URLs, and for better Twitter photo tools than Twitpic.

Seesmic Desktop: A viable threat to TweetDeckSeesmic Desktop has no limitations on the number of accounts you can manage. Plus, since it fully integrates with Facebook, and also allows for unlimited columns, it’s a fantastic way to engage with Twitter from your desktop.

Twhirl: Even though Seesmic Desktop is the replacement desktop application for Twhirl, it still continues to dominate the TwitStat Twitter client leader board (currently in the number 5 slot). Users love having multiple account support and a single column view of tweets. Also of note is cross-posting to, and the ability to record and follow Seesmic videos.


Tweetie for Mac: This single column gem launched with a bang, thanks the popularity of their mobile app. We’re mad about Tweetie for Mac’s sleek design, which does an amazing job at multiple account management while respecting our screen real-estate. Power users will enjoy the keyboard shortcuts, conversations, and threaded direct messages.

Twibble Desktop: Twibble allows users to manage up to 3 different Twitter accounts, and includes keyboard shortcuts, location awareness, and viewing options.

Digsby: This desktop app is probably most recognizable for its multi-client IM support, butDigsby (for Windows only) can handle your social network profiles, and manage multiple Twitter accounts.



Matt: Matt, which stands for Multi Account Twitter Tweeter, is a colorful and simple Twitter app that just lets you update multiple accounts from the Web.

TwittBot: TwittBot makes it possible to not only update multiple accounts, but allow multiple people to update the same account. The service looks for @replies to repost to specified Twitter accounts, and bots can be open to anyone or closed to a select group of individuals. This is a perfect tool for Twitter accounts that aggregate tweets from a variety of sources.

Tweet3: For web-based multiple account support that’s slightly different than the rest, there’sTweet3. The site provides you with a dashboard view for each account, where you can customize the color, integrate with Facebook, follow and unfollow Twitterers, and adjust settings. Should you tweet links, Tweet3 will track their performance in the analytics tab.

Splitweet: Designed around managing multiple Twitter accountsSplitweet is great for viewing a stream of tweets from all your accounts, posting tweets to multiple accounts, and following brand mentions. Positioned as tool for brands, Splitweet doesn’t really deliver on that promise, and companies would be better off with CoTweet, EasyTweet, or HootSuite.


TwitIQ: TwitIQ is exactly like, except function-rich. So imagine your Twitter homepage including options to toggle through accounts, view a keyword tag cloud, and tab through conversations, questions, retweets, and URLs.

Twitomate: A very basic app designed just to let you queue tweets to publish on a rolling basis. But, if you’ve got multiple accounts and you just want to keep them fresh with regular updates,Twitomate is worth a look.

TweetLater: Another web service dedicated to automating the tweeting process, TweetLaterincludes support for unlimited Twitter accounts and bulk upload and scheduling of tweets. There are even some extra goodies thrown in for professional accounts.



CoTweet: CoTweet’s already the Twitter CRM Tool of Choice for BestBuy, JetBlue, and Ford, and that’s because it adds a business layer to Twitter account management. Yes, you can have multiple accounts, but the key with CoTweet is allowing multiple people to safely manage the same account so there’s no duplication of effort. We also love it for scheduling tweets for later, assigning tweets to coworkers, and adding notes to Twitter users.

EasyTweets: Positioned as a tool for marketers, EasyTweets is similar to a blogging platform, and comes with a minimum price tag of $24/mo if you choose to upgrade to get continuous searches, support for more than three accounts, post to multiple accounts, SMS alerts, and Google Analytics data on links. EasyTweets has a few tweet viewing options, but TweetDeckfans will especially like the Deck View (columns) of tweets.

HootSuite: A nifty web-based app for multiple accounts with multiple admins, HootSuite is also great at giving you visibility into link stats right within their dashboard view of tweets (so long as you use their URL shortener). It’s also a convenient app for Twitter search, scheduling tweets, and posting to to update more than just Twitter.

Browser Add-Ons


TwtterFox: TwitterFox is a Firefox extension from the same guys that are behind the TwitterFon iPhone app. TwitterFox sits within the right hand corner of your browser and does a great job at keeping out of the way. Users can add multiple accounts in preferences and toggle through each of them in a single column view.

Adjix2TwitterLink: This bookmarklet is brought to you by URL shortening service, adjix. It’s simply for tweeting links while you browse, but since you have the option to specify which account to tweet from, and send later, it could prove extremely handy.



Twitteriffic: The new and improved Twitteriffic 2.0 is a beauty and an extremely functional, free iPhone app that makes Twitter terrific on the iPhone and manages multiple accounts nicely. If tracking is your thing, you’ll love how Twitteriffic handles saved searches and supports advanced search queries.

Tweetie: The leader of the mobile pack, and the number 3 Twitter client overall according toTwitStatTweetie’s ($2.99) multiple account support is just one of the features that you’ll love about this iPhone app.

SimplyTweet: This full-featured iPhone app ($3.99) does the basics and then some. On top of managing multiple accounts, you can view trends, add notes, create saved views of friends (groups), use the Safari bookmarklet, and look up contacts while composing your tweet.

TweetStack: TweetStack ($2.99) brings your TweetDeck columns to the iPhone, and unlike TweetDeck, supports multiple accounts. Pick TweetStack if you want a customizable tab bar, groups, search, and retweets.

LaTwit: A multi-account Twitter client ($2.99) for the iPhone that supports posting to, the option to hide users, custom font sizes, and interchangeable tabs.

More Mobile


Gravity: A native Twitter client for S60 devices (Nokia, Samsung, and LG phones), Gravity costs 10 bucks and works wonders for multiple accounts, Twitter Search, a tabbed view of your timeline, replies, messages, and friends, as well as groups, and multiple photo upload options.

Poketwit: This app is for Windows Mobile users and is perfect for multiple accounts, groups, conversations, retweets, tweet shortening, and having a Twitter address book.

Post by Jo Jo Bayvel

Tech Investors Should Take Note – The Female Consumer Is Changing Her Online Behavior


By now we all know the power of the online female consumer. She propelled Pinterest to lofty, billion dollar heights, she is the dominant user on Facebook, and she drives the conversation on Twitter.

The female consumer is the decision maker behind a whopping 85% of all brand purchases. In fact, her spending habits propelled Pinterest to deploy an analytics platform this week meant to leverage the buying power of users for the companies that covet those dollars. However, a recently spotted trend amongst the female consumer base may indicate that social media is still rapidly changing, and that more focused, niche networks will see greater engagement in the future.

According to research recently released by KCR Research, nearly four in 10 North American women (38%) have decreased or stopped their usage of one or more social networks during the past six months. (See Infographic)

“We believe that these findings reflect the importance of time management in women’s lives and their empowerment to control what networks provide them with the most personal ROI.” Says Marcy Massura, Director of Digital Engagement at Weber Shandwick. “As women become even more efficient in how they manage their busy lives, they will increasingly apply those skills to their social networks. The churn that our study identified seems to indicate a preference to ‘go deep’ in fewer platforms, versus being spread thin over many.”

Prior to the rise of Pinterest, a number of web 1.0 social networking sites had successfully grabbed the interest of women. Sites like CafeMom and iVillage generated massive page views through an engaged audience that was looking for ways to connect with other women on topic specific discussions.

More recently, women have quickly and widely adopted the Web 2.0/social media sites that allow users to create and aggregate their content. However, these large, flat platforms do not necessarily lend themselves to a focused use.

Women do not have a lot of time. The time they spend online needs to be both entertaining and useful. For the large platforms such as Pinterest this means upstart sites like (where users collect and share wedding visuals) are a serious potential threat.

“Niche sites offer value to a woman in ways more general platforms may not,” adds Massura. “Since the niche platforms generally come with a specific theme or topic, she is free to engage deeply and frequently on one of her prime interests. What is important to her is that the quality of engagement can be more personal on niche sites and even message board communities than what she may get on more public broad-sweeping platforms. She can also confine her time to a topic she cares about instead of weeding through more extraneous commentary. From a marketing standpoint, smaller community sites offer wonderful opportunities to connect with her in more meaningful ways.”

While industry reports of teens pulling back from their Facebook engagement have been widely reported, they are perhaps not as alarming as the fact that the people who hold the purse strings of economic growth are narrowing their online focus. For tech investors hoping to stumble onto a young site with potential for both user base growth and legitimate possibilities for income stream generation, it seems as though tracking women’s online activities would be priority number one. But, sadly, except for a very few, it is not.

Find that hard to believe? Ask the Pinterest team, who pitched to many potential investors and found no interest early on in their lifecycle, even though the site had an established, engaged user base right from the start. Or, ask the team at The Muse, who recently shared their difficulties in raising funding for a site that is focused on a female user base, and also had very solid engagement numbers early on.

Social Media Marketing Won’t Work For You… Unless


Social Media Marketing is the answer to all of your marketing woes. Just add a little fan page here and a tweet there and watch the money roll in! Right? Not likely.
We’ve been building websites and developing online marketing strategies for 10+ years. During this time, there’s been one thing we can always count on… the eternal quest for the easy button – Thanks, Staples!
Let’s face it, social media marketing is a complete and utter waste of time. Seriously. It will not work for you, unless…
You have a strong web presence
You know your audience
You have a content strategy
Yes, there is hope. There is a clear way forward in this sea of social chaos. It’s called a plan!
Step One for your Social Media Marketing Plan: Have a strong web presence

Social media channels are generally considered what social media expert Chris Brogan calls your marketing “outposts.” These are the channels where you distribute your content to increase its reach and effectiveness.
Your website is your home base.
Your website should be the source for the original content you intend to distribute. It should be well organized and ready for visitors from your outposts at any time. After all, the goal of those outposts is to drive targeted traffic back to your site.
A good home base should consist of the following:
A CMS (Content Management System) – usually something like WordPress, Joomla or a proprietary CMS. These allow you to manage your content without any technical skills. Keeping your content fresh means that repeat visitors (including Google) will always find something new and interesting. And new visitors won’t see a bunch of stale old content.
A Blog – business blogging is incredibly effective when it comes to giving visitors the content they want. You can blog about industry trends, news, tips, etc. This is the original content that you’ll use on your social media outposts to connect with the audience there.
A Good Site Design – your website should be easy to use and look at. Use design to guide the outpost visitors where you want them to go. User friendly navigation and targeted landing pages will lead visitors to do something while they are there.
Calls to Action – when someone lands on your site, they are lost for a moment. It’s a new place, they are disoriented. Use a call to action, designed for attention and ease of use, to guide them along and tell them the something you want them to do.
It’s your home, make it nice and inviting!

Step Two for your Social Media Marketing Plan: Know your audience

I give lots of talks on marketing – social, mobile, search engine and online marketing. If I was only allowed to make one statement in any of these talks, it would be this…
Know your target audience!
It is that important. If you don’t know who your target audience is, how do you expect to connect with them on social media?
What’s the first thing you do when you meet someone? You get to know them. Why? So, you can have a more meaningful conversation. So you don’t stand there awkwardly talking about the weather waiting for a reason to leave.
In all of your online properties – owned and borrowed – you need a consistent message. Knowing your audience helps you to craft this message and target it towards them.
Take some time and really get to know your target audience – also known as your buyer personas.
Even if you think you know them, take some time to really understand their “story.” It will pay off in the long run. Not just with social media, but with all of your online and offline marketing efforts.
Step Three for your Social Media Marketing Plan: Have a content strategy

Effective content takes time, research and planning. If your plan for social media is to just post some stuff, you’ve already failed.
If you’ve worked on steps one and two, then step three should come easy. Since you already know your audience, then you should have a good idea of the content they want.
Determine where you can get this content for them…
Original Content – can you write blogs posts or produce webinars, white papers or videos on these topics?
Blogs – what blogs out there are full of great posts on these topics? Set up some Google Alerts and start reading different blogs to find great content. Then share it with your target audience.
Life – every day you are given great sources for content you can share with your target audience. Tune into these by listening with your target audience in mind. Check out this post on content marketing for more on this.
Once you’ve identified some sources of great content – both original and shared – you will want to develop a plan to organize and deliver this content.
The best way to map out your content strategy is with an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar can come in many shapes and sizes; whatever works best for you.
Typically, it tends to look most like a chart…

The point is to map these out ahead of time and do it strategically. The more you plan ahead, the less overwhelmed you will be. The better your content will turn out.
Even if you are the only author, having a plan will still help you keep your sanity.
With your content strategy mapped out, you’ll know how you’ll be using your social channels in the future. These efforts will be thought out, well crafted and strategically targeted to your audience.
And if you map out your content well enough you might even end up with enough for an eBook or full length book. But, that’s another topic for another post.
Now, I’m not saying that social media isn’t a place for fun and spontaneity. Certainly let your personality shine through. Create real relationships with people on social media. Don’t just be a content shilling machine.
But, when you have a plan, and you produce and share content that is of value to your target audience, you will attract those people to your social channels. Your connections and successes will grow from there.
What do you think about social? Do you think a free for all is the best approach or do you prefer to have a plan? Let me know in the comments section below.