My Birthday Wish To Help The Helpless Continued..

Even with a bittersweet birthday – celebrations must continue until 31st May. We are up to R 1300

As you know my wish is to help @arkanimalcentre who have closed but still have 30 dogs to look after and Woodrock Animal Rescue who desperately need help.

I chose animals as they are so defenceless and innocent. They live a short life but they teach us so much, about love even unrequited. They make my heart and soul smile.

The campaign raiser I used takes high fees and doesn’t always work – so we are going organically.
Remember you will be updated constantly on just what doggy heart you bring a smile too.
And so

All funds and anything donated will go to Elena of Palm Gardens Vet, who will then distribute by still helping with the 30 doggies at Ark Animal and @WoodrockAnimal Rescue.

You can donate to
Birthday Wish
Bank: Capitec
Account Number: 1672038799
Branch Code:
470 010
Swift Code:

Or PayPal via

Those of you who know me well and not so well, most likely know that this little heart belongs to helping animals – especially dogs.

I basically live in a kennel with our 6 dogs well owners.

Anyway, I do love a pressie (perfume 😳) but Covid has taught me alot. Things do not matter they do not make your heart smile.

But helping others less fortunate brings an overwhelming feeling of pure joy.

I was devastated to hear that Ark Animal Centre had closed.

A place I have always yearned to help.

On visits there, tears running down my face, I was always amazed at how the owner and staff treated their rescues, as part of their own family.

Love given so freely. Cuddles always. And anything to help an abandoned animal survive.

Even the best vet, Palm Gardens, in Fourways, Jozi (mainly the owners, Elena Flaschner
& Philippe Flaschner) treated their animals for free as they knew just how wonderful this shelter was.

Ark Animal still has 30 dogs so they still need assistance.

But showing you all how truly wonderful this shelter was,they are supporting and asking people to help @WoodrockAnimalRescue.

Special people don’t come along often enough but we find them once in awhile just like the owner of Ark Animal.

The Woodrock Animal Rescue is another shelter where the owner and staff are so absolutely dedicated to their precious rescues.

Love is also shown at all times. In fact they are on par with Ark Animal – how wonderful.

And so my birthday wish is not for things. It is for raising funds for the helpless. Things do not make your heart smile, but helping the helpless will fill you with a joy and warmth. Your soul will smile. You will be filled with joy.

I do know in these difficult times money is short for all.
Don’t let that stop you …
Donations need not be money but perhaps food, toys, blankets as we approach winter or perhaps a visit to give love and cuddles – please tag me if you visit.

If you can help in any way. Thank you for being such a special person.

Thank you from the depths of my very heart, I hope I can help your soul smile by doing this.

Love infinity



Palm Gardens Vet


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