10 Hour Op Later ( #71) & I Am In Awe That The “Tiniest” Biggest Hero In My Life I Get To Call My Sister, Debs.

Today yet again she proved her bravery, Faith in God & strength beyond what I can imagine – by going through her 71st major op which took a long 10 hours.

It was reconstructive & the surgeon said it went so well.

When we got to see her finally, she looked healthy & happy & was smiling – my sister, my legend.

Yet again she was held Faithfully by our Father above, who we know held her in his palm, throughout.

No doubt He has big plans for this testimony.

I also stand humbled that I have the strongest family.

Especially a mom Dee Bayvel & dad Paul Bayvel – at 69 & 70 – who have helplessly watched their child go through so much for 31 years & stand strong in Faith & Love for us all.

Against All Odds – my sister has done it again.
Debs, I adore you.


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