7th April 2017 For Mandela – The Simple Views Of A Girl Not Politically Minded At All

>Nelson   Mandela

I am not politically minded at all but this week has both terrified me and broken my heart … looking at what Nelson Mandela said and did I had to share my thoughts.

“When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace.” Madiba ….

Tomorrow so much rests on the success or failure of our country, our #SouthAfrica.
Let us stand together as we are, brothers and sisters of all races, genders, cultures and creed.
We need to stand together as ONE COUNTRY a RAINBOW NATION & a DEMOCRACY in order to save this land.

How can we let not just one man, our Madiba but many other of his compatriots, lose an entire life’s worth of struggle and strife because of the selfishness of those now in control who are destroying the country for their own ill begotten gain, when these heroes saved this country so selflessly…

Let us show an nth of the bravery they did and stand up to save our land. So these heroes can truly RIP and for our future generations.

March To Save South Africa



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