True Story Of A Dog Who Takes A Bullet For Her Family (Sob) & Jo-Jo’s Little Big Vent On Adopting A Canine Pal (For Life) 

Literally sobbing Watching this video “Myra” my girl what a beautiful story… you are a doggy hero my girl. Click on the link below before going any further. 

The true story of a dog who took a bullet to save her family – watch here with tissues 

The love a dog gives you is the most beautiful thing in the world. 

Please share this as the @CapeofGoodHopeSPCA relies on any and all of our donations for vets bills in Myra’s case and for food and jerseys, medicine etc for all other pooches. 

Completely unconditional and they will protect us from anything no matter the danger to themselves 

If only humans could adopt even the tiniest amount of these characteristics. 

On another note and as I am so perfectly imperfect I still need to get this out. 

When I talk to people who “want a dog” “want to adopt a dog” etc but say they “don’t have space” or “are away often” “only home for a hour a day” …. so they think it’s unfair on the dog … it’s not those are your excuses. 

Firstly there are breeds that need not even a walk a day and are apartment dogs ( a huge bullmastiff is even one of those ), hello? When you travel? Dog sitters, kennels, family …. that’s a really shoddy excuse. And lastly if you know and love dogs so much you want one. Believe me fibe minutes of love, a five minute walk or even just seeing you come home will be enough and by far better than the cages they are designated to waiting for – and apologies again from the imperfect girl – so selfish, you  get off your bum go find the dog that you know you couls love and give that pooch it’s forever home out of a shelter. 

Look at those eyes on the image below …. a Labrador never has sad eyes. This pup is broken and broken hearted and YOU have the chance to make her eyes smile. What a blessing and privilege. 

And I promise, a dog coming into your life will bring more HAPPINESS to your eyes than theirs. 

#NoGreaterLove #AdoptDontShop 


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