Sixty Seven Minutes for Madiba 

Watching Long Walk to Freeedom today, and remembering this iconic man who gave up everything to free our country and its people. 

A man who suffered so cruelly at the hands of the very people he was able to forgive so easily. Aside from Jesus who gave His life for us with a promise of eternity, I doubt that we will ever witness, at least not in our lifetimes, a human being with as much courage, honor, pride, humilty, strength and compassion as that of Madiba. Legendary is not fit to describe our Madiba as the way he lived and loved and what he achieved far outweighs the meaning of this word. 

Tomorrow we celebrate his life by giving 67 minutes of our time to helping others. Wether it be for animals or humans, we as South Africans stand together, united again by this hero, in an effort to help those less fortunate. It is perhaps something we should do on a weekly if not daily basis but it is nonetheless a day that will make a difference in so many lives. Both to those being helped as well as to the helpers. 


Madiba, in a time where South Africa is fraught with violence and corruption. Where the very things you hoped for … peace and no hatred, are but a distant dream. Where there is not only hatred among white and black but upon black on black and white on white. We have become the antithesis of what you fought so hard for and for this I weep…. 
And yet Tata because of you and your legacy we will unite tomorrow in peace. All races, tribes, cultures, creeds and colours; to honor you and try and live up to an nth of what came naturally to you on a daily basis. 

Madiba your words and actions , remain forever in our hearts and minds … Perhaps a mere whisper in some and a lot louder in others … Your voice spoke volumes, your words healed hearts and your struggle saved a nation. 

Because of you we can hold out hope that we can one day be a nation where hatred is not taught and where love flows freely among all. 


Tata Madiba Tata 


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