#StopXenophobia #UniteAfrica … Cry my Beloved Country


This is absolutely tragic. Tears for the men of our own continent, our African family, burnt so savagely. Tears for a country where jobs and money are placed at a far higher value then a human life. Tears for Nelson Mandela’s dream of a country based on diversity BUT unity. Tears for a government who do not care about their own people and supporters yet will use and manipulate these uneducated people to create enough hatred among them for other tribes and races,that they do not see a fellow human but rather an enemy to kill: yet one they have not even exchanged a word with. – their brothers in arms … Tears for a country with a beautiful heart, spirit and soul being shattered into tiny unfix able.pieces,with every day that passes. Tears for Africa a continent where love and the need to rescue our fellow brothers and sisters, refugees and those in dire straits has been replaced with hatred and the need to rid South Africa of these desperate souls who are seen as parasites. I cry for my beloved country …



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