The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

“We live in a society where the internet has created a generation of individuals who know a little about a lot, but a lot about nothing”

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media 5

Completely loved this video and article, decided I had to post and share both on my blog. Being in the digital sphere and working on social media sites all day every day, I can only concur with both.

My blog on the ‘advantages and disadvantages of social media’ is to follow soon – when I have the time to write it, in between posting to clients blogs and social media profiles (point proven?).

We are without a doubt creating a world where perception is skewed, and depression and jealousy mounts, as people rarely post something depressing or sad about their lives on any platform. Instead it is all about: (And I am guilty of a few)

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

  • “Boom ,Whoop, Life is amazing” (really no problems?)
  • “Cant believe how lucky I am nothing ever goes wrong” (Haven’t even tripped over anything lately?)
  • “So In love” (Never fight? Wouldn’t post last nights argument huh?)
  • ” On holiday perfecting my tan” (really no rain ever, ever?Are you on another planet where rain doesn’t factor into the climate – it rains everywhere, even on islands?)
  • And the standard “Go Monday ready to get this week going and get results!” (lets be honest you would rather be back in bed sleeping)
  • “Gym done, New health shake tastes amazing (que an Instagram pic), Summer is 4 months away lets get beach ready” (Wow …. another week starting your detox and gym after a weekend of drinking 4000 tequilas and a couple of bottles of wine, your body is just confused! And Summer is not the only reason to be in shape – Winter clothes look pretty crap on a fat bod)

And what is with #100daysofhappiness campaigns? Why not #100daysofhonesty or #100daysofhelping others. Post what you really feel and maybe try to help someone else add a “happy update” for a change.

We live in a world ruled by perfect images of perfect people with perfect lives who live in perfect houses with perfect partners and perfect children who have perfect jobs – realistic. No, impossible.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media 2

So I started by ranting and now it is time to stop – my blog on this topic is clearly going to be a long one – even though I am guilty as charged on a few of my own “hates”- I too am starting to get social media fatigue. It is time to go out and live in the real world. Experience moments not just photograph and upload them. Love and hug people not just like their status updates and pictures….

Look Up



‘Look Up’ – A spoken word film for an online generation.

‘Look Up’ is a lesson taught to us through a love story, in a world where we continue to find ways to make it easier for us to connect with one another, but always results in us spending more time alone.

 Is Social Media a Blessing or a Curse? 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media 3


The way I see it, it all depends on how these sites, like Facebook or Twitter, are being used. Social media itself can be abused, overused, and taken advantage of. However, the power of social media itself is probably greater than the power of any person, any novel, any ruler, or even any country. But, whether that incredible power is a blessing or a curse is also one matter to question.

The power of social media can be something extremely influential. This first took a huge toll in the beginning of 2011 with the political upheaval of Egypt. The Internet’s far-reaching speed combined with social media websites to create something unforgettable. The voices of Egypt stood together to overthrow the regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and they spread all throughout the world. The power of social media was also noted when Mexicans turned to it for survival, not too long ago.

At first, this served as a revolution. For the very first time, people’s voices and opinions were coming together to form something larger than themselves. But we have to wonder, is that power too much? History has repeated itself in telling us that it becomes a problem when one voice has too much power. One only needs to look at people like Hitler, Idi Amin, and Mao Zong for proof that giving one voice too much power can sink an entire people or nation. And in Egypt, this corrupting nature of power turned itself over from the ruler to the subjects which resulted in the same horrific effect. From this, it is clear that social media has a way of lending itself to this attribute of power.

Another way social media can act as a curse is through its changing the behavior of our society. Some say social media sites can lend to shorter attentions and less efficient work. Not only that, but my generation, that is, teenagers, tends to abuse social media and use it for popularity. Despite social media being a term with the connotation of connecting us, that seems to be one thing it is doing least. People who abuse Facebook, for example, by requesting and accepting as many ‘friends’ as possible, up to thousands, are giving those relationships artificial traits. Those relationships are so scattered and insignificant that many people don’t even know some of their ‘friends.’ These thinning relationships have no such value, and are illusions of genuine relationships. In this abuse of social media, values of building relationships and making new connections, as were the intentions of social media, are taken away and transformed wrongfully. Nevertheless, many people do use social media for positive purposes, which leads me to the side of social media that is a complete blessing to this modern world.

When used correctly, the benefits of social media can far outweigh some of its downfalls. Social media changes the world every day, in ways both small and large. For everyone who uses it, social media at least promotes and encourages communication and lends to more modern ways of learning and communicating. Not only do they lend to more efficiency in our rapidly evolving technologically advanced society, but social media sites are also some of the best ways to positively influence people by sharing your opinions. They act as platforms for your voice. If you have great ideas or want to be heard or found, websites like Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn can promote those good intentions. Through these sites, you can find millions of people who share the same interests as you, and start making a difference, step by step.

Social media websites can operate as both curses and blessings in our modern society. The difference between it as a curse and a blessing all hangs on the shoulders of its users. You may choose to abuse the potential of Facebook, or to change the world with Twitter. The difference in your actions may be small, but the end result varies greatly, and it is up to you to decide social media’s role in your life.

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