My Christmas Letter


To my amazing Father in Heaven,

On this night, two thousand and thirteen years ago you sent your precious and perfect son to be born unto us, a saviour to the world, our Messiah, Jesus. On that special eve you gave us a present. A gift that we did not deserve and one which is priceless yet so easy to obtain… The gift of eternal life.

As Christmas draws close and I think of all I have been blessed with from a loving family, a successful business, a warm house and a stomach that never grows hungry, I want to take the time out to thank you for all you have given me in my life and the blessings you have in store for me whilst on earth. Thank you too for sending your son, my Jesus, as a sacrifice – the hardest thing a father can do is allow his child to suffer let alone die for us who are so unworthy and imperfect, yet you did so that we may live an eternal and beautiful life – oneday – with you, when we are ready a love like that is beyond our comprehension but that is what you are my Daddy, love at it’s Greatest.

I thank you that during the course of the next year you allow me to use the talents and blessings you have provided me, to help those less fortunate. I know your plan for me entails one where I go out as a disciple not just to spread your word, but to help children and animals who suffer abuse or neglect daily. Let your light shine through me so that I may be a beacon and draw others to help in this cause too.

Father I thank you that you love me for me as the lady you created. Help me to better myself everyday so that I may live a life worthy of being your daughter.

Remind me always when I feel sad, lonely or unfulfilled that I have you, Jesus and the Holy Spirit with me everyday in every way. Always place on my heart the things I do have and let me never forget that you have given me a beautiful life – one with so much more in store …

The feeling of Christmas as I have grown up, is no longer about opening presents but rather what makes me happy is the warm, joyous presence that I am surrounded by family and friends, your calming peace and prosperity and most of all love.

Love you always my Daddy



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