A Love Letter To My Sister


Hey most wonderful girl.. My darling Debs,

I’ve told you that I love you, right? I know I have, but I just HAVE to tell you again! I will LOVE you FOREVER to the moon and back and back again! But guess JUST how much I love you! I’ll bet you can’t guess! I love you so much that I want to do good to you forever! I will do everything in my power to encourage you and help you in all your difficulties! You know that knack I have in knowing exactly when you’re sad? Well, I will always do everything in my power to comfort you.

my special sis, I am always here for you. Always! When you hurt more than you have before, I AM here. I will let you cry on me, and I will wipe your tears away. I will NEVER let you down. Do you hear me? Everyone else in this world will let you down. They can’t help it. But I solemnly swear to you, that I will never let you down. And you know all those troubled friendships you’ve had? Well, guess what? I will never hurt you like that. I will never desert you. I will ALWAYS protect you. You can count on that. Sisters woven together with the tightest twine… Never ever too fray.

Baby girl, don’t ever worry about times where you hurt me if you are sad… Honestly! I know you’re sorry! And I will never hold a grudge against you! Never! In fact, it’s all behind us…I’ve forgotten about them already. Well I guess that’s why we refer to me as Dori huh?

You know how you were complaining about how ugly you felt yesterday? Guess what? You were so beautiful yesterday, today and you will be again tomorrow! No, honestly, I mean it. You were BORN beautiful! When you show that devoted love and servant’s heart to others, you make me the proudest sister alive. I can’t stop loving you! Do you know what I love seeing you wear? Your beautiful smile! That perky, cheerful attitude! That look of compassion you get when you help someone. And I have to say, that smile when you talk about me…I love it, to have a sister as proud of me as you are is priceless! And you DID say that it doesn’t matter what others think…it’s only what I think that matters to you. Right? Well, then, what I think is that you’re beautiful! Believe it! You want to know something else that I love about you? I LOVE it when you talk to me! I know you think you can talk too much, but honestly, you could never say too much to me! You can never talk my ear off! I love it when you tell me everything! No, really, EVERYTHING. I’m interested in what interests you. I care about what bothers you. I want you to tell me anything, even if you think I know it. If it helps for you to tell me, then just spill it out!

You know how you’re worried about doing all that stuff tomorrow…I know how nervous it makes for you to try new stuff, and go outside of your comfort zone…but guess what? I’ll help you! I’ll come with you and I’ll help you get through it! With my help, I know we can do it! Ps you have the talent I will just showcase it.

I love you to pieces! I love you to the infinity endless times! I love you more than anyone else can love you! I shall TREASURE you forever. You are so special and precious to me. You cannot begin to imagine how happy it makes me for me to be able to say that YOU are MY best friend and sister!

And that is how much I love you, dearest girl!
With love forever and always,


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