Need to know for all digital marketers & social savvy peeps.. VITAL facebook CTA allowed on Cover pics & Facebook Hashtags in the pipeline


Facebook Updates Cover Photos Guidelines to Allow Calls-to-Action

Too long have marketers cringed at the sight of wasted real estate and lost marketing opportunities. Facebook has quietly updated the guidelines for their cover photos to allow businesses to use calls-to-action on their profiles. Marketers can finally take advantage of the prime visual placement and optimize those cover photos for lead generation. Although Facebook did not openly announce that CTAs are allowed, they did remove the clause that prohibited users from promoting offers and products. 

This means that marketers can utilize their cover images as a way to generate leads! Not only will lead gen be easier, but marketers can track that particular channel specifically by using tracking tokens within the links. Marketers should start jumping on these new updates and get the most out of their cover photos. Read the full article at HubSpot.

Facebook Working on Incorporating the Hashtag, From The Wall Street Journal

It seems that Twitter’s most iconic marker may soon find its way into Facebook timelines across the globe. Facebook is currently working on incorporating the all-powerful hashtag into its social network. For those of you unfamiliar with the hashtag, it is heavily used in Twitter as a word or phrase preceded by a # symbol that groups similar topics and events together. Facebook hasn’t yet decided how far they will follow in Twitter’s footsteps with the hashtags, but remember the two companies are already competing for online advertisers, and Facebook’s adoption of the hashtag could affect Twitter’s bottom line.This new addition to Facebook may have an impact on how marketers approach their social media strategies on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Find the full article at The Wall Street Journal.Image


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