What is Perfection

Okay, so in my Relationships blog I talked a little about perfection. I said there was no true definition of “perfect.” Well, I stand corrected. Perfection can only be defined through your eyes and your eyes only. Perfection is seen differently in everyone and there is no set definition.

Just because someone is not skinny, doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful. Just because someone does drugs, doesn’t mean they’re a pot head. The only way I think a person can be “perfect” is if they are willing to be vulnerable. The person is willing to show the world who they are through their faults and their strengths. Perfection doesn’t have a true definition because it will always be perceived differently by everyone.

I don’t have your mind, I don’t have your eyes, I don’t have your thoughts, your memories, your anything. But I have mines. And you have yours. We may see the same color, but we don’t “see” the same color. Or we may see the same sky, but we don’t “see” the same sky. What I see as perfect may not be seen as perfect in your eyes.

The media and the entertainment industries may have grasped an idea of what perfection is, but to me it’s not perfect because the medias’ definition of perfect seems flawed. It seems like the media is trying to force upon us what we “should” think is perfect. But it will never happen no matter how much we try because perfection is never seen the same.

I think this idea of “perfection” or being “perfect” in the media world was modified to fit the standards of someone perspective of “perfect” who has power to say what they think. I think the idea of what “perfection” truly means, and I think a key part to discovering perfection, is to live life and to be happy. Are you happy crying over how much weight you gained? Are you happy crying over a boy every girl wanted? Are you happy wasting your money on things you don’t need? Are you happy partying all the time and getting wasted? Are you happy trying to be make someone else feel bad about themselves? Are you happy for hurting people? Are you happy doing things you know you aren’t suppose to be doing?

What are you doing in your life that does not make you happy. Yes you may be part of a popular crowd or you may think something is fun because your friends are doing it, but it doesn’t mean you’ll have fun with what ever your friends do. Remember the people around you do not control your life, you do. The only way to be happy is to do things you want to do. If you want to party, you like partying, then do it. If you think you will be happy loosing a couple of pounds, then do it. Make sure you are doing the things you do for the right intentions.

The definition of “perfect” is perceived differently by everyone because we don’t have the same eyes, and I don’t truly know what you see or feel. To achieve perfection, to define perfection, you have to achieve happiness. Once you have achieved happiness fight for your happiness and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. When you find happiness, then you will find perfection. You will find out the definition of perfection — your definition of perfection.


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