Who am I …..


Wherever there is hurt there is a heart that heals,

Whenever there are tears,

There is my shoulder to drown them,

When a mean word is spoken,

My kind words will make it disappear,

When a tragedy occurs,

 I will share my hope, my dreams, my smile,

 Take the time to know I care and I will be there your pain to bear,

Take my hand, place it in yours

I will lead you far away from your internal wars,

While the world might seem shallow,

My love will remain deep

While your thoughts may be sad,

Let me show you that tomorrow they might not be as bad,

Whatever the reason for your frown,

I am here to lift you up when you are down,

Whatever the season,

Winter or fall,

 Let me be the reason you do not stumble or fall,

Take the time to know I’m here,

You are my beloved the one I hold dear,

Take my heart, it’s yours to fill and in this place let your fears grow still,

Whoever says that time cannot heal,

Never had another to share their ordeal,

Whoever told you, you are alone,

 Does not know my palm is your home,

Who am I, people may ask,

I am your Father your Helper, your friend,

One special day my Son I did send.

To take your sins, your grief, your strife, giving you Eternal Life.



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