Which Social Media Platform will you be using in 2011/12 Facebook, Twitter or Google+

It definitely seems that there is war going on between Social Networks… Facebook is Tops, Twitter is a major player and Google, with Google + and it’s surprisingly short growth spurt, surpassing both of the afore mentioned, in their launch phase, with the number of members in excess of 25 million within the first few weeks making. Making Facebook and Twitter shareholders and creators alike slightly nervous. All three cannot and in my opinion will not, be used simultaneously as people simply do not have enough time in the day to update status’s , check news feeds and pics etc.. Google benefits from Gmail owners already being apart of the Google + Social Network and other curious to see what all the fuss is about.

Would I have joined had I not owned a Gmail account? Definitely not! The thought of filling out more forms on my likes, interests, hobbies and connecting with people I am already connected with on Facebook/Twitter is really not something I would waste a minute doing. Nonetheless I do think that Google being Google will launch something within the network making it  necessitous  to sign up in the Digital and Marketing world to keep brands, products, websites, SEO et al alive  for SME’s and Large Corps alike.

At this stage which has your preference. Facebook? Twitter feeds? Or has Google+ caught your attention?



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